Monday, September 25, 2023

7 Tips To Know That You Are The Side Chic

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These days some men are very smart when it comes to women. They have girlfriends who think they are the “main chic” but are actually the side chic. 

These men know how to patch their holes when needed, but it takes being extra smart and vigilant to catch the culprit before you fall into their trap.
Today you’ll get to know when you’re not the main girl but just a side chic. 
1. Hates Surprise Visits
Have you tried to surprise your boyfriend at his house and he gets so angry with you? Now that reason might be because you are the side chic. He never wants you coming unannounced without calling first. He gives you the impression that he hates surprises. This is definitely because you are the side chic, sweetie.
2. He Only Picks up Your Calls At A Particular Time
This happens when you are not around him. He needs to create ways to be with his main chic, so at that point, you become irrelevant. 
3. He Never Acknowledges You On His Social Media 
Now, these include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. As much as we all know that some people love their privacy but this can also be a sign. I am not talking about guys who are not on social media; I am referring to the ones who are very active on social media but tell you that they like their lives private.
4. When He Hardly Hangs Out In His House
Now, in this case, he would rather pick you up from home and take you to his friend’s house whom he knows you are very comfortable with. He would not want to give you the liberty to become too familiar at his own house so that number 5 does not occur too often.
5. He Does Not Introduce You As His Girlfriend
Whenever he wants to introduce you to people, girls in particular, he introduces you with your first name or bestie or something of that sort, just so you don’t spoil his shine with other girls. You might just be the side chic.
6. He Never Keeps His Promises
This is also one of the major things. He promises you things and for some reason, it seems like a million years. He never ends up giving you those things. If you were the main chic, he would always want you to be happy. So if he does this to you, investigate him!
7. He Always Finds Excuses Whenever He Forgets An Important Date
Some say Valentine’s Day is when you know if you are truly the main love of his life. There is no way a guy who has two girlfriends would share equal amount of time with both of them. One of the ladies has to suffer and we all know it’s the side chic. He might send the side chic a gift at work – if she is lucky- while he is away to avoid questions. When it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day, that is when he knows he has an official trip. Don’t get it wrong, not all guys are guilty of this though.
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