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Beauty DIY: 7 Reasons Why Press-On Nails Is A Must Have

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The growing trend of press-on nails is definitely the new cool as ladies keep jumping on this new trend. The flexibility of these nails is one of the reasons why ladies are queueing up to get these nailsPress-ons have come a long way since they rose to prominence in the 1970 and became a drugstore staple in the 1990s. The quality, staying power, and design aesthetic have all improved drastically to the point that many women are no longer going to the salons altogether in favor of doing their own set at home. So here are reasons why press-ons are a must-have;
Time Saving
Press-on nails are not just the new trends but they are super time-saving. Come on, who has time to sit at the nail salon for an hour and a half? Press-ons take 10 minutes or less.

Saves Money
The hands are used for any and everything and most times one even forgets that they have actual tips on. What is the use of having actual nails when you can have press nails of different types without buying another set of nails?

One major selling point of these nails is the fact that they are re-usable. They can be used over and over again and still maintain their beauty.
Beautiful Designs
The designs of these nails are super cute. The designs are already made which aids variety any day and any time. There are legit a million different designs, and the nail-bed sizes have become more nuanced, so the press-ons look just like what you’d get in the salon.
press-on nails
No Damage
The fear of hitting a nail or the entire hand where working or even when sleeping is eliminated when press-on comes into the picture. There is the liberty to achieve more and be less conscious with these cute nails. They also do not damage the nails underneath. This nail is super healthy.

Add Beauty
One noticeable factor why you should jump on the press-on trend is the fact that you definitely adds beauty to the hand and nails themselves.
press-on nails
They are easy to put on and take off, use the right amount of glue and make sure you use nails that perfectly fit your nail bed, otherwise it won’t look real. To take off, you can either soak them in hot water for 10 minutes or acetone and they will slide off. This helps maintain a healthy nail.

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