Thursday, August 5, 2021

5 Unexpected Foods That Can Protect You Against Mosquito Bites

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There are foods that can actually protect you from mosquito bites or even relieve the itching that comes from a bug bite.
We will discussion 5 various foods that can protect you against mosquito bite:
1 Onions: Rubbing a slice of onion over your skin can be a good way to keep away mosquitoes and other bitting insects. Onion also serves as a repellent against bugs.

2 Orange & Lemon Peels: This also repels insects and bugs. It serves just as onion too.

3 Milk: If you feel your skin is burning up from sun exposure, use milk paste for soothing relief. This milk paste can also be used for itchy mosquito bites.

4 Olive Oil: Stagnant or still water in a place is the reeding ground for mosquitoes, pour a few table spoons of vegetable oil on the surface of the water will help keep mosquitoes from using the water.

5 Garlic: Garlic odour from sweat or other means repels many insects and prevent mosquitoes bites and itching.

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