7 Ankara Styles That Are Chic And Sexy; A Definitive Must-Have

When it comes to Ankara style, I have always been of the view that fashion and dressing well is a statement and you can either be too loud or you can whisper. It requires great dexterity and an eagle eye; to be able to pick the right colors, decide on the right design and choose the best accessories for any given outfit.

That said, after scouring the Internet, I came across some very lovely Ankara styles that i believe you will love. They are not just sexy and trendy, they are adorable and there’s just one thought on my mind, you, my favorite KOKOnista strutting in these styles, being the cynosure of all eyes.
Without further ado, here are 7 Ankara styles that you must have, for their obvious sexiness and beauty.
1. The Fela Style:
You want that boss lady style? Then you needn’t look too far. The Fela Style gives you that confidence while looking all swagged up.

2. The Simple Slay Style
Remember, I said fashion is a statement and you can decide to whisper. Well, here’s a whispering fashion idea. You should rock it.Ankara style
3. Off-Shoulder Gown
No long talk here. We all know how sexy off-shoulder gowns can be.

4. The Swollen-Sleeve
The top looks like a crop top and the sleeves look like they had the addition of Adire. Its a beautiful style.
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5. The Back Overflow
The narrative has always been the whole skirt sweeping the floor but here, its just the back of the skirt. Chic right?

6.  A belt always does the trick

7. Did anyone say saving the best for last?

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