Friday, June 9, 2023

Men Come And Learn! 64-Year Old Imam Challenges Gender Stereotype… What He Did Is Really Adorable

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64-year-old Muslim cleric, Mba Osaman Bawa seems to be challenging the gender stereotype that limits the female folks belong to the kitchen and the other room as he constantly supports his hard-working wife with household chores, especially cooking.

A picture of the married father of two who lives with his family in Ghana cooking in his wife’s kitchen had surfaced on Facebook, causing controversy on the social networking site and has brought him into the news.64 Year Old Osaman Bawa Challenges Gender Stereotype

According to ActionAid Ghana who shared the photo,  Bawa, an advocate for shared responsibilities at home, decided after 20 blissful years of marriage that it was time his fellow men knew the magnitude of work their wives undertake daily. The devoted Muslim cleric has been helping with house chores to demystify the idea that men do not belong in the kitchen.
He had revealed that he had been in darkness for not supporting his wife with household chores since they got married but now, he is happy to. “I have been in darkness for the past 20 years. Ever since I and my wife got married, I never supported her in household chores. But things have changed now“, he said.

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Apart from cooking, Bawa stated that he also fetches water and firewood giving his wife time to focus on her business or rests.

64 Year Old Osaman Bawa Challenges Gender Stereotype
Mba Osaman Bawa cooking in his wife’s kitchen. Photos Credit: ActionAid Ghana
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