61-Yr-Old Vanessa Bell Calloway Strips To Celebrate 9 Years of Surviving Cancer

American actress and dancer, Vanessa Bell Calloway, best known for her role as Princess Imani Izzi in the 1988 comedy Coming to America, recently released images to celebrate life after a mastectomy and Breast Cancer.As a celebration of her own survival, and to encourage other women to love and–literally–embrace their breasts, Calloway released a very revealing image on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. The photo shows the nine year cancer survivor, who made the extremely difficult decision to undergo a single mastectomy, barring it all, well almost, in hopes of inspiring other women and survivors this month. “I am celebrating my breasts and all breasts,” says Calloway. “We need to love our breasts, celebrate their purpose and beauty but most importantly take good care of them.”Calloway, a youthful looking 61-year-old, is the example of life after a diagnosis and recovery. While still healing from surgery to remove and replace her cancerous breast, she auditioned for and landed a coveted role on the TNT series HawthoRNe. Calloway saw the role as a “gift from God” as it did not require her to wear tight clothes and heals. She wore flats and surgical scrubs while in character for the role and says HathoRNe was “the perfect job” for her recovery. “I want to bring a focus to women survivors,” says the the Coming To America star who recommends developing a routine of that consists self-examinations, regular checkups at the doctors and annual mammograms. Early detection is key to surviving breast cancer.Photo Credit: Getty

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