6 Tips For Last-Minutes Travel Plans

Tips For Last-Minutes Travel Plans—-Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance to everyone and more hellos to KOKO travel readers, about 3 weeks back I dished out some tips on how to have an itch-free Christmas and New Year travels. But I didn’t talk about how to plan for those Last-Minutes/Impromptu travel calls and meetings during this festive period, so I shall address that today.

I advised that everyone who had reasons to travel for Christmas should start making his or her plans since last month or at the beginning of the month.
If you are to travel by air or by road for long-distance book your ticket ahead to avoid having to pay extra because of last-minute rush but well, now you’ve no choice but to pay extra.
6 Last-minutes Travel tips for everyone both including that for someone traveling for Christmas and for other personal reasons;
Travel: 6 Last Minutes Travel tips
1. Go By Air: First tip, if you’re going long-distance and you can afford it go by air the roads would be extra busy overflowing with traffic. Plus you would get to your destination faster as compared to going via road.
2. Be Liquid: Yes since it’s last-minute you might have to pay more for almost everything you need. You’re a Nigerian, off course you should know they rip-off knowing it’s a last minute rush taking advantage of the rush-hour effect.
3. Do Not Hitchhike: I don’t know how better to put this, it’s festive period and this is the most dangerous time of the year. So do not travel with a person you don’t know well enough nor trust enough.
Do not join public transport or private travelers in the middle of the road or on major express.
4. Avoid Benin/Ore Road/ Lagos/Ibadan Road: If you’ve to travel by road by all means, please try as much as possible to avoid the Benin/Ore road, and if you must travel via this route leave home very early to avoid getting stucked in traffic in that position.
5. Write Down A List Of Things You’re Taking Along: To avoid forgetting things or leaving important things behind create a list of everything you need and write them down do not take what’s not on the list this way you be able to track what’s of priority or not.
6. Drive Safely: Most importantly drive safely avoid, don’t be nuisance to both yourself and to other road users. Getting there late is better than not getting there at all, your family loves and need you. Photo Credit: Getty
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