6 Simple Ways To Confirm If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

If you are in a relationship, then you would know that cheating is a fact of life that happens among humans. Here are 6 sure ways to know if your girlfriend is cheating:1.The girls brigade: While men try to cover their tracks, women worry more about the back story of their cheating ways. A common sign of cheating is when they suddenly spend a lot of extra time with girlfriends or at least, say they are.2. Babe, spend time with the boys: If you notice that your woman is not keen on meeting your friends but pushes you to hang out with them more, then it’s time to hire a private eye.3. Sudden family meetings: If she claims that she is going for a family get-together, but when you call her you can’t hear any voices, or laughter in the background, then she is up to some mischief.4. When she stops nagging: Have you met a woman who doesn’t mind raised toilet seats and has no issue with prominently displayed football and war paraphernalia? Marry that girl! But if those things used to bother her and don’t anymore, it may be because she no longer has any intention of keeping you.5. Don‘t worry, these things happen: No woman in her right mind will ever forgive her man for cheating. However, if your woman is always ready to let it slide without bothering who her rival is, then it’s time you started researching because you have an assistant.6. Too much information: Cheating men talk less lest something slips out. Women are the exact opposite and cover their tracks by sharing lots of details about her day, so you won’t wonder what she’s been up to and get suspicious. Of course, she’s leaving certain things out and replacing them with vital information.Photo Credit: Getty

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