6 Queen Aso Ebi Styles For Your Next Owambe

We know that the lockdown has only just been eased and things have not even started going back to normal. That however, does not mean the Owambes are going to stop, or the parade of Aso Ebi should cease.

Nah, we may only press the pause button on those, but when it comes back, it’s coming with full force. So, you better get ready to rock and party.

It is in view of preparing you for the loved Owambe that prompted us to search for styles we are sure you would love and should wear to the next party.

Did somebody say parte after parte?

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1. There’s no way you cannot just love thisAso Ebi Styles For Owambe

2. Excuse me, are you single ma?3. This is just exquisite4. Fry us, we are your plantain5. Where do I start from? You have me speechless.6. Why is Rihana wearing an Aso Ebi?Photo Credit: Instagram

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