Monday, March 27, 2023

53yrs After Civil War: A New Nigeria Is Possible — Peter Obi

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Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi has insisted that a new and united Nigeria is possible after the civil war ended 53 years ago.

Peter Obi

Obi in his address to Nigerians before jetting to Chattam house London said the reason for some agitations across Nigeria was due to non-functional systems and policies.

He reiterated that “Anyone who still harbours a different agenda different from the realization of a wholesome and unifying people-oriented development vision is doing a terrible disservice to this generation and generations of Nigerians yet unborn”.

The statement reads in parts: “15th January, a very special and unique day in 2023 as it was 53 years ago!  40 days from today, Nigerians will be voting in an election that many regards as the most crucial and existential decision we have to make as a nation, and particularly for our children and youths, given the sad state of our dear nation, Nigeria: alarming insecurity, unemployment, poverty, inflation, debt, hunger, disunity, hopelessness and many other indices of a failing state.

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It was also on 15th January, 53 years ago, a very special red-letter day for Nigeria that the booming of guns and other paraphernalia of battle were formally silenced in the thirty-month civil war in which millions of lives were regrettably lost and an unquantifiable number of properties destroyed!

“As we can recall, Colonel Olusegun Obasanjo, as he was then known, led the then-Biafran delegation to General Gowon to declare that the war was over and that the military colleagues from the Biafran side should be deployed.

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It was stated: “To keep Nigerian one is a task that must be done” and “No victor, no vanquished”. It is this task of keeping Nigeria one in the spirit of no Victor, no Vanquished that has provided the platform for the commitment of both mental and physical energy to the arduous but noble task of building one strong, united ad indivisible Nigeria. As such, the overriding task we should all be committed to, as stated above, is Securing and Uniting Nigeria for Sustainable and Inclusive Development, particularly for our children and youths.

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