50 Cent Vs Ja Rule – The Feud Continues

50 Cent Vs Ja Rule koko tv ng 2

50 Cent Vs Ja Rule is a feud that began way back in 1999 and it seems like it is not over just yet.

The 50 Cent Vs Ja Rule feud supposedly ended back in 2011 but started up again in January this year.
50 Cent claimed that the feud began in 1999 after Ja Rule spotted him with a man who robbed him of his jewellery and also because of Ja Rule “trying to be Tupac”. However, Ja Rule claimed the conflict stemmed from a video shoot in Queens because 50 Cent did not like Ja Rule “getting so much love” from the neighbourhood.
The feud went on to involve their record labels and ally. It culminated in the career ending collaboration, Do Rae Me (Hallie’s revenge). This was after Ja Rule mentioned Hallie, Eminem‘s daughter in his diss track against 50 Cent, Loose Change saying, ”Em, you claim your mother’s a crackhead And Kim is a known slut So what’s Hailie gon’ be when she grows up.
Suddenly the 50 Cent vs Ja Rule beef escalated to a feud between the two record-labels Shady Records vs Murder Inc. This caused the then G-Unit to release the destructive record. Since then, Ja Rule’s career regressed to where he was once again an up and coming rap artist while the G-Unit went on to do great things.
Recently however, 50 Cent bought 200 tickets to Ja Rule’s concert “So they can be empty.” He spent about $3000 on this feat.
50 Cent Vs Ja Rule koko tv ng 1On his Instagram account, Fiddy posted a picture with the caption, “What a show, ?I mean just fucking great. Do it again?my kid went to the restroom. LOL”
Ja Rule replied soon after saying, “I get under @50cent skin…I love it!!! #iconn
This feud has been since the nighties but restarted again this January and as a fan, I can’t wait for the diss track that is sure to come soon.
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