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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve With A Potential Smash

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New Year’s Eve is a special day of the year for people, and if you as a sharp guy score a babe on such day it just ranks you brostitude to a new level. There are quite some unique ways to spend your New Year’s Eve with a potential smash that helps easy the process and gives you quick to the cookie. New Year's Eve With A Potential Smash

Try and find out what she likes, what interests her, some of her unusual fantasies and finally find out how much adventurous is she.

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  1. Take Her Out For a New Year’s Eve Concert: Take a potential dig out for a New Year musical concert get close help her have fun and let the music do the rest.

2. Go for a New Year’s Eve Boat Cruise: This place is recommended if you are feeling fancy or wanting to experience exotic settings on the island. There’s also boat club namely Lagos Motor Boat Club where you can sign up for membership.

3. Go Partying: If she’s a party rocker and loves dancing, definitely this would give that ultimate sugar rush that might just be enough to cloud her judgement until the morning after.

Party with top Nigerian hip-hop artists at Quilox, Sip or any club you can think of. But remember to be safe out there.

4. Go To Lagos Countdown/Go See New Year’s Fireworks: Get her nipples hard without even touching her yet. Make her get comfortable and be all over the fun you made her on the final day of the year, she would want to spend more with you and that means more access to the coochie.

5. Invite her Out For A New Year’s Eve Dinner: Yes this is every girl’s dream, take her out for a lovely night out dinner. And try not to be too cheap with the restaurant of choice.

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