Strictly Ladies: 5 Ways To Bounce Back From A Painful Breakup

Coming back from a relationship you invested a great deal of emotions into has always been an extremely painful part of life for all guys.
Having to live without your dreamgirl after planning almost your whole future with her, is a massive setback that all Nigerian guys nurse in silence. It is an unfortunate fact that the strength in masculinity does not shield all men from the emotional trauma that accompanies breaking up with a lover.
1. Pour out your emotions: Contrary to popular belief, guys are not immune to tears. The first step towards recovering from a breakup is to pour out the pains of the former relationship. Take yourself to a private place and pour out all the pain. Shed some tears if necessary, but don’t forget to pick yourself up from the pain afterwards.
2. Hangout with your male friends: The most supportive group of people a guy could ever find in this situation is his fellow guys.They can easily relate with what you are going through, and they know just what to do to help you up again.
3. Read novels and articles about breakup: This is an extremely vital tool to rising up from the pains of a breakup. These write-ups are filled with a ton-load of recovery stories and you can be 100% sure that after reading 5-10 stories, you will easily start shaking off the pain of the broken relationship
4. Take care of yourself: Your current status as a single man presents you with the rare privilege to take good care of yourself without worrying about what you will spend on your lady. This is the perfect opportunity to watch the latest action movie in the cinema without worrying of the fact that your girl will not find it interesting.
5. Met New People: The final stage of a total recovery is to meet a new girl. Dabbling into this game after hanging your boots for so many years can turnout to be a bit tough on the first instance, but with determination on your side, you can be 100% sure that you will find another heartthrob in no distant time.
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