5 Traits In A Lady That Makes Men Stop Men From Having An Affair

Couple silhouette breaking up a relation on the beach at sunset

A good girlfriend will make you have rest of mind and make you like you have billions of dollars in your pocket and bank account.
However being in a relationship with the wrong girl can be problematic and lead one to depression as they create a lot of challenges and unnecessary issue that make men love for them fizzle out.
Some of her attributes that may cause men love to fizzle out and it includes
1. Unapologetic Traits:
When your girlfriend neither admits to make a mistake nor apologise for making mistake. This is a clear sign that she is self-centred and would rather make you end up apologising for her faults.
2. Self Assertive:
She turns wild, aggressive and vicious when angered. She does not consider the implications of her action when she is infuriated as she talks anyhow and at times throws objects at you.

3. Being flirty with men:
flirting with various guys makes a man sometimes becomes insecure and disappointed. When she flirt around without recognising het relationship is worthy of respect.

4. Perennial complaining behaviour:
She likes groaning about what she is and always sees the flaw in your action. She is pessimist in your way and attitude.

5. Being overdemanding:
She requires more than expected and you must fulfil them for her. She aim to use to satisfy her personal needs and disregards your personal life.

These traits makes a guy leave the relationship because it chocks the love the guy have to a lady.

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