5 Tips On How To Pack On PDA In A Lovingly Cute And Attractive Way

Public display of affection {PDA} can sometimes look irritating and disgusting for onlookers, while for some it could just breed jealousy and outrage. But when done right it can only lead to all of the awwnnns! wooow! I love them, they are cute together, oh they really love each other…Isn’t this all nice and what we all want to hear when we do this in public as a way to declare our love for our lovers in public.PDA- Public Display Of Affection

What are those things that entail PDA, they’re touches, kisses, hand-holding placing your arm around your partner in public {waist, neck even on bum} and other acts of love you do with other people around and can obviously see you guys get all frisk with each other not caring about other people watching nor witness it.

PDA, in the age of social media as become a lot more popular and is even now seen as a measure of true love by some. Some though push this narrative sometimes to the extreme that it leaves a sour bad taste in the mouth of the witnesses around.
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Since PDA’s have now become a part of our everyday public visual reality, this article intends to preach the public accepted way of doing that would rather get you applauses, public admiration and not disgust both in real-life situations and online.

1. Kissing

Kissing is definitely one of the most pleasant forms of PDA that’s quite acceptable by a large part of the society, just make sure to keep the tonguing part out of it or to a very minimal involvement of it.

This entails both social media and real-life situations. Then don’t always go about posting so much of it on social media once, make it a once in a while thing. Though cheeky kisses and pecks are very much allowed as many of it as possible.
Hand holding, cuddles, embraces and snuggling up to each other are really cute and inoffensive, too.

2. Don’t Over Do It
PDA – Please Don’t Do This In Public Except You Want To End Up On Instablog

keep it to the minimal, 30 secs of kissing don’t go start frisking your partners member in public. Nothing is hiding in the boobs area come on get your hands off it and wait till y’all get home. For social media, as I said just post such once in a while making people want to see you do it and wait months after to see another the suspense keeps them interested.
Remember humans be the way they are, jealousy might exist from such simple acts of yours once they start asking too many questions and they seem not to be comfortable maybe its time for you to stop.

3. Get Your Partner’s Consent

Remember some people are shy, introverts find it difficult to perform certain types of PDA. So be sure to talk to your partner and knows what works for him/her. Don’t go around groping your partner in public to an extent she gets angry so respect each other’s boundaries.
As for social media, watch the words you use if you are writing about your partner on social media. Don’t give out too much information that may either haunt you or make your partner feel awkward or embarrassed.

4. Surprise Each Other

There’s nothing more romantic and hormone raging for lovers than to give your partner a surprise kiss, a surprise hug, a ruffle of the hair a peck on the cheek or smack on the butt if you both are ok with this, to some people it leaves them gaped.

It makes them wonder, Ok! where is that coming from plus it helps build-up for better, a stronger bond and maybe for some hot smouldering romance later as it helps build up sexual tension between you both?

5. It’s PDA, not outdoor porn!

No need for indecent exposure or other outrageous acts. Always try to avoid heavy petting, or dipping your hands in your partner’s most intimate parts. Leave out that part until you are behind closed doors.

NB: Enjoy your relationship with your partner some of these little things have stronger, deeper effects than you know. It lingers in their mind long when you’re not there and helps seed genuine feelings of love in their hearts. Remember no one is saying that you should make gross disgusting acts in public. Just saying have fun, careless a little that there are people watching, just make it look sweet and cute. Photo Credit: Getty

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