5 Times Burna Boy Was In The News For The Wrong Reasons

Following his recent outburst on social media where he called Nigerians ‘backward and unprogressive’ because they were against him calling out Coachella over the font size of his name. Many are not surprised by his behavior has been a regular customer of bad press. Here are five times Burna Boy has been in the News for the wrong reasons.
1. Stabbed someone to death: In 2013 reports came flying in that Burna boy was part of a drug gang that stabbed someone to death in the UK in 2010. He was sentenced to 11 months in jail and was later released on parole.
2. Assaulted Buffalo Souljah: In 2015, Burna Boy was accused by Zimbabwean dancehall artist, Buffalo Souljah for assaulting him at Da Les party in South Africa.
3. Threatened To Kill Bloggers: Also in 2015 Burna Boy threatened blogger who according to him posted wrong things about him, in his own words; “These bloggers be writing shit thinking its a game until I see yall face to face one-day nd hospitalize or murk u. We gon meet 1day #onsight”
4. Flaunting Firearm On Social Media: In 2015 aswell Burna Boy posted two pictures of himself with guns, this was a week after he renewed his contract with Glo dragging the Telecomms giant into his bad press.
5. Mr 2kay’s Robbery Scandal: In 2017 Burna boy was linked to the robbery and assault of Mr 2kay.  Photo Credit: Getty


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