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5 Things To Help You Stay Irresistible To Your Partner Always

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To be irresistible and stay irresistible to your partner means to stay attractive, sexy and tempting perpetually to your partner, putting them at a position of I just can’t get enough of you. And this transcends just beyond sexual wants and gratifications.  Stay Irresistible, Stay Attractive to your Husband Always Stay Irresistible to one’s partner entails conscious effort and dedication and its not a one-way street. Both partners need to make the effort to stay healthy and look attractive to each other no matter how long you’ve both been together. It won’t matter that they have seen each other so many times in different situations, circumstances and postures.

If you do this 5 simple things below consciously and maybe sometimes subconsciously the force of attraction between you and your partner will remain as strong as the very first day you met {If not as least close to!}.

1. Don’t Be Clingy
Stay Irresistible, Stay Attractive to your Husband Always

The very first step to being irresistible is to be unclingy, start with being independent. No one likes a clinger. Just because there’s a guy in your life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own will, dreams, goals and ambition. Quick tip guys love a smart and independent lady who is by choice submissive to him, not one who is dominating. Guys don’t like ladies who change or give up their entire life for them.

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Also for men, in all sincerity, most ladies don’t like a guy that calls them like 20-30 times a day to check what she’s doing always. Trust her and let her make her own choices be a friend and an adviser don’t enforce your opinions all the time.
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Both parties have to create time to enjoy each others space separately with friends and family. Guys love to watch or play football, you do your own social activities too, all of this are a huge turn on.

2. Look Sexier, Be Sexier

Men are visual beings. Get to know your partner’s several fantasies do them subtly and steadily, intentional spark the sexual relations between yourselves in separate times and at the most unexpected times be less regular and predictive give each other something to look forward to sexually.

Stay Irresistible, Stay Attractive to your Wife Always

Its a huge turn off that just because you’re at home with your man you never dress-up, tie towels on your chest half of the day, walk around the house with unkempt hair, wearing of baggy clothing all that are all shades of very unpalatable nor attractive.

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Remember when you both met and fell for each it wasn’t the unsexiness that you both found attractive it looking good and dressing well that sparked the affections.
For the men work on your body too get in the gym, stay healthy and trim while hustling for the money.
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3. Make Each Other Feel Desired

That’s right. Your partner wants to feel desired, too! To make yourself irresistible, one of the things to do is to make your man feel wanted. Initiate sex, send him cute sexy messages, say nice things about his body.

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Stay Irresistible, Stay Attractive and Sexual with your Partner Always

If he feels wanted and desired with you, he’ll likely keep coming to you. That is a pull he won’t be able to resist. Also, remember ladies are emotional beings, you want to work her number just get flirty and say sweet, sexy, nasty and loving things to always either via text, calls or face to face.

4. Love yourself

Love who you are, love your body. Remove all the negative thoughts in your mind regarding your self-image. One of the worst things you can do is to regularly worry and sly force your partner’s reassurances about your body despite your partner’s relentless reminder that he finds you so hot and so sexy.

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5. Be Free With Each Other

Do not let things get in the way of enjoying bonding time together with your partner. When you are with your man, you may want to ditch all the good girl behaviour your mum taught you while growing up. Be playful, be wild, talk dirty, be ‘slutty’, be everything with him.

Don’t be the same formal woman you are when you are at work. Unleash the part of you that you’re unwilling to show other people of the world. Let out the freak in you [if he’s into freaky stuff, too].

Stay Irresistible, Stay Attractive to your Partner Always

NOTE: If you do the 5 things listed above consciously the force of attraction between you and your partner will never wane, and if it’s already waning then these things will help bring the spark back.

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