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TBT: 5 Songs That Never Failed Schools Choreographies In The Early 2000s

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End-of-exams periods were usually the bestests in the Nursery to Secondary schools stages in the early 2000s, especially if there is an end of the year or session party to prepare for. This period sees the rehearsals to the various activities students will showcase at the parties and as no one wants to fuck the golden chance not to wear school uniforms up, there are usually a lot of seriousness and commitment to the rehearsals, especially Choreography, Cultural dance and Newscasting .
One of these activities is Choreography which is usually sensational with the dress code and all. Any parent who wants trouble is the one who will not buy the white gloves, white socks or the black and white shirt and skirt/trouser for his daughter or son. Let’s see if you relate. Check the picture below, what does it remind you of?TBT: 5 Nigerian Songs That Never Failed Schools Choreography In The Early 2000s Of course, it reminds one of the Choreographies, lol. Now, there cannot be these choreographies without songs, right? Miming was beginning to show face in the early 2000s so the major choreography then was that with songs. Do you still know some of the legendary songs that suffered great deal in the hands of school students’ choreographies back then? Well, see our list to refresh your memory and let’s know if there are more of them that you can remember that we don’t.
1. I’m Trading My Sorrow: Almost every school in Lagos did this choreography back then. It was originally sung by Darrell Evans in 1998 before various artistes released their versions.
2. Master of The Universe: This track was a blessing by Panam Percy Paul in 1995 and it rocked our Nursery schools day choreography in the early 2000s. It is still being sung in churches till today.TBT: 5 Nigerian Songs That Never Failed Schools Choreography In The Early 2000s
3. Above All Powers: Women of Faith helped us rock our dances then too with this song of the immeasurability of Jesus’ love and power.
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4. Olori Oko: Olori Oko album dropped in 2007 by Infinity Music group alongside a couple of other songs but this track was the hottest of all. If there existed a Nursery or Primary school that didn’t do choreography to this song, it wasn’t a real school, c’mon!
5. Igwe: Like Infinity Music Group, Midnight Crew dropped about 7 tracks in this album and released abut one or two albums but of all, yeah, the Igwe track id the hit. No other track from the same album and others did really well as this did and oh!, the dance steps were immeasurable. Moving away from schools. I’m Trading My Sorrow, Olori Oko and Igwe rocked church choreographies too. We said 5 yeah, but sorry we need to add just two more, these songs will not just coming.
Do you remember ‘Peace, when trouble blows, Jehovah sees, Jehovah knows’? Well, that’s Peace by Lionel Peterson in 1993.
Don Moen was the father of the choreographies and his songs ‘Give Thanks‘ and ‘God Will Make A Way‘ were serious choreography vibes then… Ok, bye, we are done before others come trooping in. Feel free to add yours to the list in the comment section.Photos Credit: Getty
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