5 Skills That Can Fetch You Cool Money

Hello Naija Teens! It’s another time to write in our diary today and this time, we’ll be talking skills and money! You should be excited 😂 😂 😂. But before we talk about money, let’s understand a very simple truth.
Did you know that while growing up as Naija teens, many of the adults you see today were robbed off their creativity and some, early wealth by the society, be it intentionally or unintentionally? You know why? – they were stereotyped!An average Nigerian teenager’s mentality, is/was to go to school, become a Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot and other executive professionals, get a job and be rich. Well, I have not come to make you feel bad but for us to see the facts and myths together. We have been made to believe our wealth and bright future lies in Western Education. But you imagine, if that is true, why is everybody not rich? So you see…
In one of the articles in our diary, we looked at Top 10 Things You Should Focus On And Master At Your Teen Age and one of them is skills. I remember hitting the point that the earlier you begin to build whatever skills and talents you have, the better for you. So today, we are breaking away from the norms and looking at 5 skills that will help you make cool money, even as a teenager.First off, what are skills and how many types are there? Skill is simply what one can do! If you cook well, then you have cooking skills, if you can dance well, then you have dancing skills, and many more more. Basically, skills are grouped into 2 and every other kind of skills fall under the either of these two categories. Soft skills are what you can do your mind, the attributes you posses, the traits in you… They are intangible and non-technical abilities. e. g. Creative thinking, logical thinking, socialising, friendship and relationships with others, leadership skills, etc. Hard Skills, on the other hand, are what you can do with your hands, e.g, operating a machine or device, writing well and many other things.Both skills are important to have as they complement each other. If you are going to be making money from a particular craft you have learnt (hard skills) and you don’t know how to manage finance (soft skill), you see there will be a problem. So, do well to read about skills and how to build yourself while we see 5 hard skills you can learn at your teenage to keep you independent and cool.1. Graphics Design: Almost everyehere you go, you see banners, billboards, posters and many more, isn’t it? So you see graphics designing is a very great skill to possess. The need for a graphics designer arises day by day and the least design goes for about 1,500. It really is a cool way to make some cash. The earlier you start grooming yourself, the earlier you begin to have some cool cash!
2. Photography: weddings, birthdays, burials, naming ceremony and many other events will forever hold in the world and for each, the service of a photographer is needed. Even if many people buy cameras to take their pictures, the professionalism of a photographer makes their services needed always. This makes photography a very cool skill you can acquire.3. Business: as a teenager, I sold juice (I mix eve with water, refrigerate to chill and sell). At other points, I would pluck fruits from the compound and sell… These are just basic things you can invest your time into. The point here, however, is whatever you want to invest is must be a necessity – something that people need – if not, making sales may be difficult as people will jeep choosing what they really need over what they want. When school resumes, you may sell candies/sweets, books, pencils, rules, pens and many more. Even students in Universities sell clothes, bags, shoes and other things, so you see, you are not alone!
4. Fashion Designing, Cobbling and Hairmaking: women make hair monthly, they even use wigs now. People sew and wear clothes every day, people wear shoes everyday! Gone are those days when people look down on these skills, they are the real deal now. Wigs are sold for as much as 50k, even clothes. What more ways do I tell you that these skills are such that can help you get money while you are putting your time to good use? Think about it.5. Digital Media Skills and your talents: yea, you heard me, your talents!!! There was once a boy who sings well and has a good voice. While selling his oranges (you should know that story), he was singing and was recorded. The video went viral and today, they boy is on scholarship and living well. Now, your own video may not go viral but the fact that you are a teenager, especially if you are 13 – 17 makes people want to reckon with you, see Emmanuella, the commedienne. So put your talents to use, you have a lot of mentors on social media (Instagram comedians, people singing on social media and all). Digital media is one of the big things currently, it can really fetch you money.
Dearest Naija Teenagers, say no to cyber crime or Yahoo Yahoo. Understand that the earlier you make good use of your skills and yourself, they better and earlier you are on your way to success. Fast method doesn’t being success , hardwork and consistency does – do them faithfully!If you have a story to tell or a special request for any topic of discourse, hit me up at [email protected] See you, next Tuesday.Photos Credit: Getty

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