5 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend


Friendship is the core of many things. It remains unshaken in times of harsh storms and serious relationship avalanches.

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This is the main reason why having a friend as your  partner is a well fitted puzzle. Here are some of the reasons why you should prioritize dating your best friend.

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1. It’s easy to be open: 
When you are with your best friend, you feel very free. By this, you can communicate very openly with them. You’re very likely to share your deepest fears because there’s nothing that is pulling you back. To a great degree, you will not feel shielded by anything to express yourself.

Such an open platform boosts the progress of your relationship because nothing is kept under wraps. Your relationship will therefore thrive because you’ll be able to communicate better with your partner, which is the core of many successful relationships.

2. You have common hobbies: Nothing brings people together than doing common activities. The beauty of dating your best friend is that it comes with a bonus of having a partner to do things together with.

Often, these are the activities that you’ll have common interests in. With such a great rush of oxytocin, your relationship will weather many storms as you’ll constantly be feeling good. Having common hobbies will also help you create new adventures together and have lots of fun while at it.

3. Every time is a time for laughter: 
Laughter is food for the soul. With a friend who always wants to see you burst out in laughter or smile often, your life will be more enjoyable.

Dating your best friend will make you happier because of the stories you two will constantly share that you both relate to. Having a great sense of companionship is very important in ensuring that your relationship grows.

4. They stand up for you and push you positively: 
Friends are the ones who feel your pain and always want to see you thrive. Dating your best friend gives you an opportunity to be loved and encouraged positively simultaneously.

If you have a bad day or are experiencing troubles, your best friend will stand up for you and fill in your gaps. To a great degree, your best friend will want to see the best form of you and also encourage you to pursue your dreams and things that make you happy.
5. They respect you at all times: Good friends don’t force anything down your throat. They will be able to value your opinions, and encourage your openness as well as respect you and your differences.

Even when correcting each other, your conversation will be better and more respectful. Your best friend values you and holds you very highly.
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