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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why You Keep Reaching Out Back To Your Ex

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Sometimes letting an Ex go might seem quite more difficult than it is usually said to be. A lot of times people would just throw the word “move on” around as if it were that easy especially if such a relationship lasted longer than just a year or even 2. And it wasn’t actually your fault the relationship crashed. The crazy part is that as a guy you’re almost not allowed to feel vulnerable enough to actually properly heal. Reaching Out Back To Your Ex

Friends and family most times think it is easier for a guy to move on more than the lady but in truth guys to feel terrible, disgusted and sometimes even humiliated when break-ups happen. And another crazy part of it is that when this happens they’re usually not allowed to recover or even allowed to express how they feel just because they’re the man they must suck it up and just get on with it.
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And that might just be why most of the time when break-ups happen it is most often than not, that guys still reach out to their exes even when maybe the babe has moved on. Yeah, the lady might see it as frustrating and might even embarrass him for it or inflict further humiliation. Well, bro, if you’re one going through such a phase know you are not the only one going through it especially when it’s not your fault that the relationship crashed.

1. The Thing Is You Don’t Know How To “Move On”

In truth, it isn’t that easy to move on, except such a lady did you wrong badly in all facets of the relationship. And even in such a situation, you might still even find it hard to move on.

Well, to help you move on, I wouldn’t advise you to rush into another relationship or grow to hate your Ex, rather just look for new hobbies to distract you, find ways to occupy your mind and cut thoughts of her off from her, do not allow yourself drift and thinking of her too much, especially in moments when you both usually spend together.

Spend more time with friends, don’t stay alone, take on more work, discover more about yourself, things you always wanted to do when you were together but couldn’t, go out and do them. Just engage yourself

2. So She Found Someone Else, And You’re Still Single

At other times, you might try to reach out back to your exes, maybe because of what you’re seeing on social media. Or you heard she’s dating again, well never mind it too much because there’s someone for you too out there. So that urge for you to reach out back to her, control it and walkway it’s not worth it. The reason you walked away the first time still exist. And if she was the one who broke up with you well maybe you should consciously start trying to date too and just move on. 

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3. Spite In You

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Yes. Sometimes you might just be feeling petty and just won’t make her feel just as bad as you feel. So you might just drop a text, message or write some really nasty things on her social media feed. Well, I would you do this maybe just once or twice and afterwards detest from doing it again.
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Or rather take your time and sit down and write down how she really made you feel for breaking up and pushing you away, and send it to her and block her never to hear back from. At least that way you finally expressed how you feel and said it to the one person that needed to hear it and close that chapter never to go back there again.

4. Looking for second chances:

5. And Lastly Lonely And Horny:

You might just be reaching back out to your ex just because you feel lonely and miserable. Whereas in other times it’s not that deep, you just might be missing having sex with her or rather say you’re just horny and feel she might be your easiest way of getting at the time.

So here could be the 5 reasons why you’re still reaching out to your ex.

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