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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why Most Naija Guys Love Light-Skinned Ladies

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Why do Naija guys love light-skinned ladies? Like really why do a lot of Naija dudes love light-skinned ladies well question no further because with a great deal of research and observation. Light-Skinned women

Well not necessarily NASA level of research but a definitely a great deal of it. So through the holiday season I had a sit down with my friends and we just talked and discussed our interests in different things and one of the things that made the list was our interest in women.
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And so quick of the 6 guys seated, 5 of them pitched their tent saying they love the light-skinned ladies with one in particular which we usually call “EggHead” being voracious about his liking for the light-skinned African beauty. Yeah! less i forget they all also spoke about their love for the “curvy big booty” African women, but isn’t particular new knowledge and the big booty is huge on the trend table of what is particular about a woman beautiful bodily feature.

However i have decided to talk about the skin colour, because Egghead couldn’t help it nor hide is desire and love for the light-skinned woman. 

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So after a bit more digging, below are the 5 reasons why i think Egghead loves the light-skinned woman more than dark-skinned ladies, and just maybe why he is yet to find his one through love.

  1. They Are Seen As More Beautiful:
    This is a mentality that affects not only the guys but even the women themselves. The bleaching mentality is strong, almost on every social media app this is always a vendor who sells bleaching creams with the mentality that once a lady has a lighter skin, she is automatically seen as more beautiful. I have never seen a light skinned Nigerian women who tries to make herself darker than her normal skin tone. But i have seen several men who even pay for their woman to have lighter skin tone/complexion. And they go around and brag that their woman is an “oyinbo pepper”.
  2. They Are Mostly Regarded As The Perfect Trophy Partner:
    A lot of Naija guys see the light skinned woman almost as a trophy, where some of them even brag about what it costs them to maintain their wives skin-colour and beauty. Especially Igbo men, it is a thing with them.
  3. Naturally More Attractive: 
    Well, this is to a large extent true, a well cared for light-skinned woman definitely looks more attractive. Especially one who dresses well and to kill, and maybe seductively.
    I have heard a lot of guys say it in my presence but in Yoruba or in Igbo, they will be light, “Chai see as that girl yellow, only God knows what the colour of her nipple will be”.
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  4. High Maintainence: 
    The feeling of that they are high maintenance even makes some think its a symbol of wealth. If you can care for a light-skinned woman well and her complexion stays glowing and bright the talk usually is your husband is taking care of you well. While its not new to hear the women themselves say “Na my husband money they make me shine”. I have never in my life seen skin darkening soaps or creams.
  5. Inferiority Complex Mentality of the Black Skin still being carried around….I wouldn’t want to touch too much on this last point but know that it is also a factor as a lot of Nigerian men is still affected by this colonial mentality where the dark skin is tagged less superior and attached to somewhat bad or not attractive enough and leading to colourism, and sometimes racist comments.
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