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5 Reasons Why Abortion Is Frowned Upon In Nigeria

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Abortion in Nigeria is a topic that not many speak about but a lot of people are indulging in it secretly. abortion


Abortion is governed by two laws that differ depending on geographical location in Nigeria. Northern Nigeria is governed by The Penal Code which gives an exception to saving the life of the mother, and southern Nigeria is governed by The Criminal Code which states that anyone who commits abortion will be punished by the law.
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The only legal way to have an abortion in Nigeria is if having the child is going to put the mother’s life in danger. Nigeria is a country that is highly religious and a lot of religions in the country frown on this act hence the poor reception of people to the act.
Again abortion is frowned upon in Nigeria because the law states that it is a crime, some people have even come out to equate it to murder without caring if the mother would die with the child. Many have argued that the fetus is a human being whose legal right should be protected. There are laws put in place to punish anyone who carries out this act for a woman, the woman herself, and anyone who helped to provide things for the abortion in any way.
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Considering the fact that the mother could die due to the abortion procedure, a lot of people see abortion as a death trap and therefore frown upon it. This is so because there are a number of ladies who have lost their lives, and damaged their wombs because of this act. Some blame it on the quack doctors they made use of, while some ladies go as far as taking several drugs or concoctions which often lead to death or health complications.  People have rarely taken the time to look deep into the act of abortion, but have labeled it as a sin. Irrespective, there are several organizations in Nigeria that have come out to state that a woman has the right to make a decision when it comes to her child and her life; hence the debate of abortion being a pro-life or a pro-choice act. To date, this debate doesn’t seem like what will come to an end because people will always see abortion as murder, a crime, and a sin in today’s society.
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