That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why A Proper SNG Can’t Be A SMAN

Happy New Year dear SNG universe. May this be a new year of plenty of good news, plenty money and just as much plenty ‘Yoni’ ‘Cookie’. So lately there’s been this new trend that with Nigerian guys named the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria aka SMAN.

The association intends to further the cause of Nigerian men who have decided to tighten their hands and be miser spenders especially in matters that involve the opposite gender. The trend became quite popular that even some celebrities jumped on it and some were even sacred position in the association. It was quite a lot of fun watching men decide to not spend nor give women their hard-earned money even though we all know that’s a big lie and would never happen.Don Jazzy named Head Of SMAN Union Lagos Chapter

But it was such an interesting watch to see guys get on the cruise and enjoy it while it lasts. However, the truth is another guy who sees himself as proper Sharp Naija Guy can’t be a SMAN member because here at the SNG league we ain’t misers rather we’re cheerful givers but a with an idea of spending rationally.
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Why is it so, well there are 5 reasons why it is so;

  1. To get the Best yoni, you need to give some
    Believe it or not, as long as you want to get some of the “cookie”, you will definitely have to give some “Spend some cash”. Because that’s what a guy with true class do. But we’re not saying you should go around giving just anybody your hard-earned cash for no good reason.  Well, believe it or not at some point, you will take your lady out, buy her gifts because of its all part of the game of love.SMAN
  2. When you truly care about you lady you will definitely spend on her: 
    Yes, that’s the fact when you truly care about your lady then you will definitely spend on her and take care of her needs. You have to treat your woman like a star. That’s the mojo to keeping her happy and keeping the relationship alive. However it has to go both ways, she also has to treat you as her king too.
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  3. SNG’s aren’t lazy broke ass Guys, We have class 
    Also come one no SNG guy would be on the SMAN group list, because we’ve got the dough to spend and live large. Like I have always preached as a true SNG you can’t be inducted as a proper sharp Naija guy without being able to take care of your needs. That’s a necessity.
  4. True SNG’s don’t Hook Up with Cheap Girls
    This 4th point is a very important mention, I don’t know how better to put it, SNGees avoid broke and cheap a*s girls as much as possible. This type of girls is the ones who see a guy as a financial breakthrough. Date ladies who have ambitions, substance, something to offer more than just pussy and ass. I say it again avoid the urgent 2k girls by all means.
  5. Respect Your Lady And Be A Man
    Remember this always every woman wants you to be a man and be able to take charge when needed but know when to vacate the stage and let her shine because whenever you woman shines it’s your shine too. And these reasons are why a true SNG can’t be a SMAN member

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