5 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making

There is an unwritten rule in the Nigerian constitution that states that in order to fully enjoy yourself, “you shall at all times get married or attend a wedding“. Either that or we simply do not have an explanation for why there are countless wedding parties every Saturdays in the country. It Maybe because Nigerians simply like the concept of love, or may be its the Jollof rice, either ways, Saturdays are for weddings, and we live for the colourful aso-ebis! 5 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making 1Just as much as there are beautiful aso-ebis out there that we cannot get enough of, there are also some not so good ones, okay, lets say outrightly bad, gory, distasteful, eye-sore, okay you get the point, kind of ones. The wearers of these outfit might probably be committing this “punishable” offence, yes, punishable by a subset of the unwritten rule, without their knowledge or they simply are just honestly ignorant. 5 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making 2So, because we choose to believe the later, we would be revealing five owanbe faux-pas you should not be caught making. First, we would start with the face and then work our way to the body, like a make up artist will say.
Make ups
Yes, it is common knowledge that make up is an art and beauty is a spirit, but then, this does not undermine the importance of a good make up. The face is what people sees first before they look down at your clothes. However, some ladies seem to not understand this as they continue to make this same mistake every weekend. When choosing your eye shadows be careful with the colours you pick. A “loud” eye shadow should go with a less obvious lipstick, for example, a green eye shadow should go with a nude lipstick, not bright red lipstick and black eyeshadow. Its an owambe you are attending not a freak show! 5 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making 3

What is a correct Owanbe outfit without a proper looking headgear? Nigerians love headgears and nowadays, there are countless ways and styles you can tie your head tie that would make you look stunning and absolutely stand out. The infinity gele, the side gele, multi pleats, fascinators and so on, many options to pick from. However, despite these numerous options, it is still commonplace to see ladies with ill-fitting geles, extremely big ones, literally space-consuming gele, too many drama gele, those that does not suit their face shape, bad colors and so on.5 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making 4

Body Revealing and Short Outfit
Yes, we do know that they say if you have got it, why not flaunt it? but sister, lets flaunt it somewhere else! A little skin is not all that bad, but when its a lot of in-your face, distracting the audience from the “you may kiss the bride” or the “if you still want extra Jollof come forward” part of the wedding, then thats a faux-pas. When it seems your boobs are more uncomfortable than we are, when we can see your underwear or when they are literally your owanbe outfit, thats a major red flag you should not be caught making.5 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making 55 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making 6Extremely Tight Clothing
Recently, body hugging clothes are the rave, we all want to put the curves on display, show everyone the body we just got from hitting the gym, and thats not such a bad thing,  but then, when you are at owanbe, you should be able to move freely. Unless you have not attended one before, you would know that it involves a lot moving around, changing seats, going back and forth to take pictures, and yes, to dance! Imagine, attending an owanbe without dancing? However, when the outfit is extremely tight, you would not be able to participate in all these, especially swallowing your own food! You do not want to look like you are gasping for air or are choking in a fully air-conditioned hall. Thats a major red flag you need to quit if you have been indulging.5 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making 7

Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world, same applies here, same applies everywhere! The right shoe however varies, nowadays, you see women wearing sneakers on ankara to a wedding! That is so not done, wrong on so many levels, it is an owanbe not a casual outing. If you are concerned about frequent movements, then you should opt for a mid or mid-low heels or even wedges, something that gives you the balance to handle the goings and comings. You do not want to offend the soon to-be couple by literally putting the wrong foot forward.5 Owanbe Faux-Pas You Should Not Be Caught Making 8Photo Credit: Getty






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