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5 Other Ways To Identify If A Child Is Yours Without DNA Test

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#No Need For DNA Test…There is a popular old Yoruba saying that goes, “A family will only know peace until the bastard child of such a family is yet to grow”. The need for the true paternity identity of children more recently has become quite a nautical issue, that has become difficult to ignore. No Need for DNA Test
Almost every month a story of some man getting caught in issues of paternity fraud always bubbles up on discussion platforms on social media and other socio-cultural platforms more and more. 

The most recent of such stories that have caught attention is the story of Chinedu Ani aka Nedu Wazobia and the story of his ex-wife Uzoamaka Ohiri bringing another man’s child, into his Nedu’s home. 

Need himself confirmed the rumours, at some point after posting a DNA test of their first son on his Instagram page that confirmed the boy actually shared no DNA connection with him at all, the test was carried out by Genetic testing Center In Canada “Viaguard”.
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But the truth is that not everyone has the resources to carry out such a test, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways as a man to confirm if a child is truly yours. Some of the other ways to check this are; 

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  1. Date of Conception
    There are ways to estimate date of conception, which can be found all over the web. Keep in mind these are tools to assist in determining if the alleged father could possibly be the biological father. They cannot give definitive answers about paternity.
  2. Does the Child share any Physical Attributes or Hereditary Traits As You?
    Other unique and yet simple and most times cost-free ways to help a man confirm the paternity of a child – are for the man to look out for certain physical attributes that might seem hereditary in the family, or certain generational traits, this helps too. 
  3. Eye Color, Hair Color, Complexion
    Now its essential to note that, this particular feature isn’t that accurate, but yes it can help give signals just if it is true or not. if the baby’s eye colour, hair colour, or complexion does not look like his father’s or father’s family’s own how will a father call that child his own.
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  4. Blood Type
    A blood-type paternity test can also help eliminate a potential father or determine if paternity is probable. The IDENTI GENE blood-type paternity test shows how ABO blood-typing and inherited-trait theory can be used to assist with answering paternity questions.  With this test, you enter the blood types of the mother, child, and alleged father to determine if paternity is possible.
  5. Tongue Rolling, Attached Earlobes
    Attached earlobes—the bottom of the earlobe can be firmly attached to the head as opposed to dangling slightly.
    Tongue rolling—the ability to roll your tongue into a tube. For the tongue rolling this is how it works, if you can roll you tongue into a tube, and the child can’t, rather the child can only twist it up or vice-versa that’s suspicious. 

If after analyzing all the above and you are still having your doubt. Bros, go for a DNA test.DNA In Marriage, Ya Or Nay? Tweeps Debate Testing Paternity

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