KOKO’s Men Of The Week: 5 Male Nigerian Celebrities That Gave Us Stunning Ankara Goals This Week

So this week started with the buzz of the end of the BBNaija show, in the midst of all of that we had the BBCAfricanEye Docu scandal, but we’ve decided to end it in style featuring some of Naija’s dopest male celebrity looks in Ankara. Oh yeah!!! its an Ankara goals 

But hey that hasn’t stopped some of our favourite Nigerian male celebrities and Kokonistos not to rock some stunning Ankara styles. From Tobi Bakre representing in the Ankara fabric while on vacation in Italy, to Nigeria’s first young fresh fashionista Denola Grey.

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  1. Tobi Bakre: Ex BBN star Tobi Bakre was seen in stores in Italy trying out multiple perfumes while on this sexy colourful Ankara made tracksuit.
  2. Denola Grey: Mr. Fashion Denola Grey is giving us Ankara goals this week, with a nice Suit and shorts Ankara design.
  3. B-star: B-star decided to give us Ankara goals in Denim.
  4. Flavour:
  5. Obinnawnne:

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