Revealed: 5 Major Reasons Ladies Break Up With Guys

Gone are the days where ladies just cope in a relationship, now ladies want to enjoy their relationship and not endure the affair.
Guys should not be deceived, even the lady that adores you will leave you if you don’t do these 5 things:
1 Express Feelings: Ladies wants their guy to be able to express himself. Say how much he loves her and why she is the best of all the women. They want to hear almost everyday because naturally women are moved with they hear.
2 Appreciation: Vocal is great. But there are times where you act. A neat trick that work on girls is when you are walking down the street with her, sweetly hold her hands and walk side by side holding hands. Another idea is when she is cooking meal for you, enter the kitchen, hold her waist unexpectedly, kiss her neck telling her how beautiful she is and thanking for the meal. These stuff goes a long way.

3 Make Out Time: Relationship end when or where spending time together is fought for or argued. No matter how busy or tight a guy schedule is, he should make time for his girl.
4 Your Inner You: A lady always wants to see the goofy and playful side of his man in as much as to see his serious and emotional side. As a guy don’t be to jaded and build a defence wall blocking all these feelings cause a lady wants to know the all of you not just a side.
5 Talk About The Future: Not talking about the future with your girl is a clear indication that she is not in your future plans and when she perceive that she runs and meet a guy who have her in his long term plan.
There is nothing bad in showing girl everything about, rather its a symbol of love and strength. Relationship is the opening of heart of two person who wants to become one.

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