Monday, September 26, 2022

Beauty Tip: 5 Lipstick Colours That Work Magic On Dark Skinned Women

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Long gone are the days where dark skin was being looked down upon. Today, dusky skin is considered sexy, glamorous, and beautiful. But like all other skin types, dark-skinned people too need the perfect touch up to bring forth their glow. The correct lipstick shade can make or break your look, irrespective of your complexion. If you are a dark-skinned beauty, this article will help you select just the right lipstick shade. So, black queens, here are the five perfect lipstick colours that would blow your friends away!
Chocolate Brown: You must be wondering, but I’m dark! Yes, this colour is perfect on the dark-skinned woman. It is trendy, sophisticated and amazing. It blends well with the dark skin tone. Imagine a chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, looks amazing right? Yeah, sure it is!Red: Nothing says glamour on the dark skin than Red. It is hot, seductive, amazing, mysterious, and many other sizzling words you can find. This colour is a dark skin woman favourite. Need to create dramatic looks, then red is your go-to choice.Nude: For the soft glam, nude it is! This colour is also perfect when you need to tone down your bold make up look, especially when the eye makeup is all glitz and glam.Rose pink: Getting the perfect pink lip colour for the dark skin can be a little tasking, but the rose pink lip shade is perfect for the dark-skinned woman. Its sultry, fitting and glamorous.Copper Brown: Another kinda brown, but it agrees with our skin colour, so we have got to rock it. It is appealing, blends well with different dark skin shades and it’s absolutely perfect to rock on different outfits and different events. Photo Credit: Getty

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