5 Life Facts Every Teenager Must Have At The Back Of His/Her Mind

Happy Easter Dear Naija Teens! I hope you had a wonderful celebration and a great family time or holiday as the case may be? So over the weekend, I had a random thought about life and decided we will speak on some facts about life today.
I know  we have talked about the earlier you move up, the better, discussing one of the points I have in mind to mention again, and top 10 things you should focus on and master at your teen age but then, I feel the need to reiterate these 5 life facts so you get accustomed to them and if for any reason you have forgotten or do not understand them, maybe you can remember and understand them this. Here we go…5 Life Facts Every Teenager Must Have At The Back Of Their Minds1. Everyone has a purpose ad everyone is unique: just as there is a reason for the bulb in the house being produced and bought into the home, so is there a reason for everyone who is on earth. Everyone has at least a capacity and ability that needs to be used in helping others or making money. As a teenager, it is important that you find your purpose and fulfil it. This will be a whole topic on its own and I hope we get to talk about it. In the same vein, everyone is unique – no two people are the same. Everyone has some special features – physically, mentally and every other -lys that makes them different from another.5 Life Facts Every Teenager Must Have At The Back Of Their Minds
2. Life will not always be rosy: even as a teenager, many do not have their parents providing all their needs, some others have been faced with so much disappointment and betrayals from family, friends, acquaintance and many others. Many others have stories and down times and moments that they are not proud of or even wish they could kill themselves about. In the same vein, everyone has happy and laughter moments, even the saddest teenager does. This says so much that life is full of ups and downs and nothing makes it all smooth – not even serving or believing in God. You can’t always have As in your exams, you can’t always have it all, there will be people that will be better at some things than you are or even worse… things happen, just don’t beat yourself up about it too much and if for anything, always give yourself a second chance to be better or to try again, don’t end it all or give up when it is bad.5 Life Facts Every Teenager Must Have At The Back Of Their Minds
3. Your life is yours: yes, you have parents or guardians who are responsible for you, guiding you and taking decisions for you but more than anything, your life is yours. If you live it to the fullest, though your friends, family and acquaintances will be proud and happy, you are the one doing well for yourself not them. If on the other hand you ruin it, they will only be pained and hurt, but still, it is not their lives that it ruined, you feel it the most. Think and act wisely.5 Life Facts Every Teenager Must Have At The Back Of Their Minds
4. You will make mistakes: Nothing ever prepares one for life, not even the other people’s experiences because everyone has his/her unique journey. Though similar things may happen to people ahead, what many happen to another person might be less or more severe. So in as much as you will have guides, you learn or have people share their experiences with you, you cannot know it all or know the angle life is going to come at you – you will still make your own mistakes. It may, however, be less severe if you have the knowledge forehand. So, don’t beat yourself up about things you do wrong. Just learn and move and do better.5 Life Facts Every Teenager Must Have At The Back Of Their Minds
5. No one can be there for you 100% of the time: everyone has his race to run in life, even your parents. People may want to help but are incapacitated, one of the reasons your parents may not be able to provide all you ask for all the time. The earlier you know this, you know peace because you will understand and not be faced with so much disappointments. Just figure people who are in your corner, who are genuine about you and have your interest at heart but understand that they cannot be there for you 100%. Likewise, you cannot be there for everyone and this one, very important, YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE TOO! In the same vein, not everyone will please you!

Know these, know peace and live your life! See you, next Tuesday.5 Life Facts Every Teenager Must Have At The Back Of Their MindsTOP 10 AFRICAN BILLIONAIRES IN THE WORLD

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