5 Interesting Facts About Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks Big-Money Girlfriend, Chloe Green

The entertainment community was heavily shaken last year when popular American model, Jeremy Meeks surprisingly filed for a divorce from his former wife, Melissa, before announcing his new romance with Chloe Green.
While thousands of people wondered who exactly Chloe Green is and what qualities make up her personality, that made a grown man dump his wife to spend rest of his days with her? Here are five interesting facts about Chloe that will about the financial gains in Jeremy’s relationship decision.
1. She is the heir to a Multi-billion dollar British Company: Chloe is the daughter of Sir Philip Green, the chairman of Arcadia Group, a big-money retail company that own Topshop, and as expected, Chloe is the heir to his shares in the company. Her father is one of the richest men in the world. His net worth is estimated at $5.1 billion.
2. She is a popular reality TV star: Though she is best known for her father’s wealth and her reputation in the fashion industry, Chloe also had a moment in the entertainment industry when she starred in the popular British reality show, Made in Chelsea.
3. She once dated Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband: Yes, Chloe once shared a romantic moment with Marc Anthony, the father of Jennifer Lopez’s two children (Max and Emme). As at when they were dating, Anthony was 45-years-old while Chloe was 22.
4. She started dating Jeremy Meek while he was married: Well this is no headline news. Chloe started her romance with Jeremy while he was married to Melissa. She stood by him while he went through his traumatic divorce, and eventually opened her heart to him when he became a single man again.
5. She is a good friend of many international celebrities: With so much money at her disposal, Chloe has unsurprisingly surrounded herself with the high and mighty of the entertainment industry. She has partied with the likes of Beyonce, Leonardo Di Caprio and many other entertainment big names.
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