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Diary Of A Naija Teen: 5 Honest Discussions Parents Should Have With Their Teens

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The teenage years are very delicate in the life of beings as it is the moulding and carving stage where teenagers form and decide what they will become. The teenagers, at their ages will doing exciting new things, but will also be pushing boundaries and buttons and throwing tantrums.
At these ages, they usually pull away from parents and begin to assert their own independence. No wonder they sometimes act as if they think they’re the center of the universe. It is also a fact that they talk to their friends way more than they talk to you as parents. It’s natural, even if you have a great relationship with them. It is simply because they want to find their own path and make their own choices.Diary Of A Naija Teen: 5 Honest Discussions Parents Should Have With Their Teens
Despite this, however, it is still prominent to talk with and to them, especially on some special  and sensitive discussions and topics. They are so important and it is necessary that you discuss with them simply because if they get the wrong impression or education about the topics, it may cost them fatally.
Though, talking to them doesn’t mean they will take all you say hook, line and sinker, constant discussion and relativity will help influence their decisions to an extent. So here, are 5 intensely important discussion you should have with them.Diary Of A Naija Teen: 5 Honest Discussions Parents Should Have With Their Teens
1. Sex and Sexuality: sex is the one of the most important thing you need to talk your teenagers about simply because as they grow and their hormones begin to function well, they get attracted to the opposite sex. Children are surrounded by sex and despite we all have our beliefs and moral standards on this topic, no one ever wants their young teens sexually active. First thing parents should know is this thing is normal, it is normal for a teenager to be attracted to the other opposite sex, it is simply their hormones working well. So, basically, let them know the dos and don’ts. Don’t try to scare them, just make them know the basics and the importance of whatever you are telling them. Even before your children become teenagers, you need to discuss their privates with them in a bid to educate them against rape and sexual harassment.Diary Of A Naija Teen: 5 Honest Discussions Parents Should Have With Their Teens
2. Love and Relationships: as teenagers, they will have feelings, crushes and this part of them, like the sex life, they will want to hide away from you by all means. If not because they are shy, it is because they are afraid you will invalidate their feelings or tell them they are wrong. If care is not taken, however, they may get the wrong information and that may make them trail the path you don’t want them to. Let them understand feelings, emotions and how not to lose themselves in a relationship – this last part is so paramount. Discuss them having standards and deciding why they want and should not want a certain relationship. However, dear parents, in the process of all of these, do not force anything on them neither should you compel them to act as you want. Many times, people understand how to do things better and learn better when they make their mistakes. So, while you do not want them to make mistake, do not compel them, this may only draw them back. 3. Talents: Teenagers talents have overtime been so underestimated in Nigeria, if not Africa as a whole. Children are forced to think going to school is the best thing they need to be successful and at such, the special skills they have do not stand any chance of being important too. One of the things you need to discuss with your teenager is to find his/her passion, special skill and talent and channel their energy into it. This way, they get to pick up their line of interest, having your support and then become their own person soonest.
Diary Of A Naija Teen: 5 Things Naija Teens Want To Tell Their Parents Badly
4. Values, Respect and Self Respect:
Parents need to talk values to their teens – generosity, honesty, integrity, gratitude, respect, tolerance, faith, service, hard work, perseverance, consistency, self respect, and the list goes on. These values and others should be taught from the beginning, but teens can more fully understand the importance of these in today’s society. At their ages most especially, the teenage exuberance that surrounds them is high and so, they may lose their values often.As values deteriorate almost on a daily basis, parents need to talk to their teens that those who espouse a strong value system have better self-worth, develop respect for others, have a clearer vision of what they need to do, communicate more effectively, and develop stronger and healthy relationships. In essence, values are the bedrock upon which society thrives and progresses and grows.
5. Good Financial Habit: The world is in need of definite financial literacy and parents really need to instill good financial literacy skills and habits in their teenagers. Talking to teens early about good financial habits will save them a ton of headaches later in their lives. In fact, it’s never too early to begin talking financial management with your children. Start with a savings account when they are young and suggest that they save at least 50 percent or more of any earnings or money gifts they receive. Part of financial literacy is teaching teens the value of money. When they hit the teen years (maybe even before) take them to the bank and have your banker talk about accounts — savings, checking, etc. Putting young people on budgets is a good thing. Many youth begin early, earning or receiving some type of money, and they need direction. By teaching teens about the challenges with credit and the value of paying for things with cash and making payment on time will only strengthen their financial management.
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