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5 Health Signs You Should Never Take For Granted

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When things damage, the health specifically, it is said that they don’t just get damaged at once but must have been giving signs and symptoms pointing to destruction. These signs are however, most times ignored or taken as insignificant and at the end of the day, cause greater havoc.
Most of the illnesses and health issues many people suffer as adults did not just start in their adulthood ages but when they were adolescents and teenagers, which they might not have noticed of taken important.5 Health Signs You Should Never Take For Granted
Growing up, I wouldn’t like to complain about the signs I see and would usually wait until it hits me so hard before speaking out and really it has done me more harm than good. Health is wealth and should be taken as paramount  so today, dear Naija teens, we are looking at 5 health signs you should not take for granted.
1. Pains or discomfort in your privates: for many teenagers, females especially, there must have been one issue or the other about ‘down there’, itches, rashes or whatever it may be. Infections are the most common illnesses people fight and according to reports, they do not show vital signs early in females unlike males. These parts contribute a whole lot to the body – they are passages for bacteria and other germs to get into the body, causing sickness and a lot of other damages. So if as a young teenager you feel sharp pain, itching or discomfort down there, take it serious, inform your parents and seek medical attention.
2. Weakness and Appetite Loss: if you are the type that eats well and all of a sudden you lose your appetite and are not regaining it for a long time, you need to pay attention, especially if it is followed by loss of weight. Same as weakness. Loss of strength and appetite are symptoms to a lot of illnesses and diseases and you need to get it checked on time so as to prevent bad health.
3. Constant Stomach Aches/Lower Abdominal Pain: the stomach or say the belly houses a lot of organs that are vital in keeping the body working and aches or pain there is certainly telling you something is wrong somewhere, likewise the abdomen. For instance, pain in the lower abdomen in ladies may point to infections, pelvic inflammatory diseases and others while in males may point to infection in the bladder. Generally, it may be caused by constipation and other illnesses. So when you think the stomach ache is too constant, your stomach is over bulging, or pains in the lower part of your stomach (on your waist), never overlook it.5 Health Signs You Should Never Take For Granted
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4. Fever and Constant Headache: this is another illness or symptom that is very common and most times overlooked. When some people have fever, they conclude it is malaria and then begin self medication, likewise headache. But in the real sense, fever is a symptom of so many illnesses and if one doesn’t get to know which it is, it may lead to some damages. Constant headache also may be as a result of typhoid which is deadlier malaria, so you see it is not meant to be overlooked.
5. Constant Sadness: at this point I will like to ask if you know that your health is not just about your physical and medical wellness but a composition of your mental, psychological and social wellbeing too. If you didn’t, I’m glad you know that now. Having said that, if you feel sad too often or always, it must be pointing to something – either you are hurt by people’s action, or yourself or any other factor. You may be going through a psychological issue or need immediate and urgent attention. So check deep down in yourself and do not take the sign for granted, else, you may degenerate to a shadow of yourself which is not good for you.
The major thing is to be SENSITIVE to your body. Try to watch and take note of whatever reaction your body gives when you use a particular medication, eat certain foods, do certain exercises and activities. This will help you to fish out any abnormalities on time before it is too late. Remember, you need not panic at every sign, all you need do is tell the necessary people (your parents or guidance) and get adequate medical attention.
Do you have a story to tell or a request for certain topic of discuss, do not hesitate to reach me at [email protected]. Love you always Naija Teens, see you next Tuesday.Photos Credit: Getty

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