Wednesday, December 6, 2023

5 Health Benefits Of Pregnancy Sex During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Having sex during pregnancy shouldn’t be a taboo at all. In fact there are many health benefits that come with it. And if you don’t believe me I will list a few below.

Pregnant woman resting at home

Just because the baby is about to make a debut does not mean your love life has to suffer.

With the proper guidelines you should be able to jump right back into the sheets. Here is all that you need to know and do.
Benefits of sex during pregnancy:

1. Eases body aches and pains: During a pregnancy, you might experience back pains and soreness on other parts of the body. Sex would be a great alternative compared to medication when it comes to relieving the aches.

2. It reduces stress: During this time your hormones and emotions might be all over the place. Connecting with your partner this way will greatly increase your overall happiness.

3. Better sleep: After a good round the hormones released will help you stay calm and reduce the insomnia that many pregnant women have, at times.

4. Prep for labor and delivery: Sex actually strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. This makes things a tad better when the delivery day approaches. Your muscles will be more relaxed making it easier for the baby to come out.

5. Bonding with your partner: During this time, it is essential you build a strong and healthy bond with your man. By meeting his sexual needs your partner won’t feel abandoned or ignored which could otherwise lead to other unnecessary tussles.

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