Friday, December 1, 2023

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Guy Code That Must Always Be Upheld; Brethren Over Wenches

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Hello SNG world hope y’all are doing fine and well, so over the course of the last 5-7 days Bovi and his wife Kris have released some videos to test the “Guy Code” loyalty with some loyalty pranks they both pulled on some of Bovi’s friends in a bid to test their loyalty.

They were all quite funny, very funny very funny and great watch but it just went further to strengthen the Bro Code of “Bros Over Hoes”. But on one hand the truth was that his wife was being lied to, but the question is if the tables were flipped around wouldn’t she had also wanted her friends to do same for her too.

The most obvious learn for any guy to pick from the series would be the ‘Bro’s over Hoes’ unwritten guy code, any day anytime ‘Brethren Over Wenches’.

However, the Guy Code has some few other rules that must be Upheld too and reiterated, held closely to the heart. Here are 5 more unwritten “Guy Codes” that must always be upheld;

  1. Guy Code SNG 1: ‘Bro’s Over Hoes’, Brethren Over Wenches, No matter how close you’re with a bros partner/girlfriend you never tell on the bro. Even if caught in the act you create a story to support a bro’s claim.
  2. Guy Code SNG 2:  If a bro asks Another To Keep a secret he takes the secret to his grave. That’s why they are a bro. Now just for a clarification, a bro can either be a guy nor a lady it’s not gender-specific.
  3.  Guy Code SNG 3: A bro never publicly reveals how many people another bro has slept with.
  4. Guy Code SNG 4: Bro’s don’t break-up chicks fight until a sufficient amount of clothing has been ripped-off.
  5. Guy Code SNG 5: A Bro’s girlfriend/partner is not the other bro’s friend, I repeat A bros Gf is off limits and during and even after their relationship breaks-up. Turn in next week for more SNG tips…Photo Credit: Getty



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