5 Fab And Gorgeous Aso-Ebi Colour Combination You Must Try Out

Just over the weekend, we watched the Headies Awards and I wondered why none of our celebrities was not on any Aso-Ebi styles. KOKO would have to be a wonderful place to get such the perfect Aso-Ebi Inspo for them.

So today we’ve chosen to show some stunning Aso-ebi colour combinations that would surely tickle your fancy and give you the perfect idea of how to rock your next Aso-Ebi for your next Owanbe. Here below see some stunning Fab and Gorgeous bespoke Aso-Ebi Colour Combinations perfect for every Owanbe of yours;


  1. The combination of gold and purple is absolutely lovely: 

2. Black and Yellow is just such sensually nice colour combination:
3. You can combine more than two colours and still look gorgeous just like this Pink, Black and White combo stunning eh😉! 4. Green and purple look so good leaving it simple, yet making a statement:  5. This style is the definition of amazing:

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