Travel Diaries: 5 Exotic Restaurants For The Perfect Valentine Date In Lagos

The valentine season is always a period to find and show love. It is a day when even the heavenly bodies seem to agree that love should fill the air. The sun shines with a certain glamour, the moon brims it incandescent light as dusk spirals way gently for dawn.
We want you to have that perfect valentine date and yes, it is possible. We therefore bring you the 5 most exotic restaurants for the perfect valentine date.
We know you’ve prepared your outfit for the day, your make up session has been booked but the trouble is where to actually have the date for the valentine. Grab a sit and relax because we got you covered.

1. Hard Rock Cafe
Located in the heart of Victoria Island, the restaurant started operation in 2015 and has since been a sort of lover’s den. It is the perfect place to try out for your valentine date. The food is excellent and the ambience is breathtaking.
The waiters are friendly and you will love it. Your date will definitely be impressed that you are going all out for them but we must warn that, the Cafe is a little too pricey, so be prepared.

2. Vestar Coffee
With a mission like “To be an integral part of our community, nurturing friendships, connecting people & building communities. 1 day, 1 person, 1 cup at a time”, you can bet that this outlet has got you covered.
They serve the nicest and choicest baked pastries, salads and of course coffee. Located in Victoria Island, they provide a great environment to have that one-on-one conversation with your date.

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3. Ocean Basket
If you love seafood then your date location has to be the South African owned Ocean basket. The food here is tongue tantalizing and lovely. There’s also a fresh fish deli where you can eat in or order.
Even if you are not great on seafood, the environment is very cozy for date night and you will love the friendliness of the waiters and other diners alike.

4. Cactus Restaurant
First off, if you are looking to get mouth-watering delicacies then Cactus Restaurant is your go-to-place. With a spectacular view of the Lagos lagoon, it is splendid for a romantic valentine date.
Walk around the cactus sit-out lounge and revel in the ambience; the cool breeze from the lagoon and the fluttering of the palm trees. It is a sight to behold and a restaurant to try out for your valentine date.

5. The Yellow Chili Restaurant and Bar
This restaurant fulfills your craving for African delicacies, so, why not make it your spot for the valentine date? Its everything parked in one, and just with the right touch; nothing overboard.

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