5 Essentials You Should Pack When Traveling To Malawi, ‘The Warm Heart Of Africa’

Let’s take a trop to Malawi, the ‘Warm Heart of Africa but first, something you must know about packing for trips. For some persons, packing stuffs when traveling can be a harrowing experience. It can be daunting and tiring sometimes. We do not want you to have such experience, packing for trips should be an adventure on its own.

5 Essentials You Need When Traveling To Malawi
Now, when packing, there are some essential things to note, one of which is that you must pack according to the season or climate of the country. Malawi as a country tends to be hot between the months of October -December, let’s face it, even till March, so you might want to take a lot of light clothing.Although, it rains in the months of January to March, nothing beats the coldness of June and July, so a sweatshirt becomes highly necessary and recommended.
For travel this week, we decided to bring you 5 essential items that you must pack with you when bound for a trip to Malawi.
1. Lamps and Batteries:

These are a ‘must-pack’ because of the frequent power outage and how annoying they can be. While lamps cannot provide the same need as electricity, they are helpful because they chase the darkness away. You will need this and they are highly recommended.
2. Sun screen and sun glasses:Well, if you want to keep your skin safe and your eyes away from the blinding light of the sun which burns ferociously when in season in Malawi, then you’ve got to wear a sunscreen. You just have to use and SPF.
And sun glasses? Definitely too. You might need to walk around with it everyday.
3. Sweatshirts:

If you want to have a cozy and comfortable night especially when the cold begin to creep in stealthily, you have to pack a sweatshirt. Or jacket. Basically, anything that can be pivotal in pushing out the cold and keeping you warm in the Malawi night.
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4. Loose light clothes:

If you are traveling during the time when the climate is bound to be hot, moving around with light clothes that do not attract heat are your best bet. You might always want to stay away from black outfits, considering the fact that the color is a good conductor of heat.

Moving around in safaris, simple tops, scarfs, shorts and basically light wears are what you will find most of the locals going for.
5. Mosquito repellant:

Before, traveling, you will want to get vaccinated and have your doctor or a health personnel hive you malaria medications. It is a quintessential item.
And an additional item you must not forget is a sports bra. They are great because the weather is hot too often and the roads are bumpy.
We wish you a safe trip and a great time in the warm heart of Africa.
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