5 Dazzling Hair Shades To Match Your Skin

Wearing the same hair colors can sometimes be very boring. The color of your hair sometimes determines your look and what combinations you can get.

There are various hair colors you can try to get that perfect look. Getting around the best color that fits depends on your skin colors. if you are dark-skinned then you don’t need to use extremely bright colors as this would be too contrasting. Here are different hair colors you an consider, if you want to change your hair color.
1.This is a very trendy color. If you a light bit light complexioned, then you can go for this bold look. The Golden tips are serving a very hot and classy look.

2. If you are dark-skinned, you might try this out. It depends on the kind of type of hair you have. This shade is very pretty on curly or kinky hair.

3.This is a shade of brunette is indeed gorgeous. Dark to light-skinned, you can rock this hair color any time. You can either touch the tips, or wrap the color round the entire hair.

4.Purple is really the in-thing. This color fits all skin shades. You can style it too like it’s a wig.

5. This extremely bold violet and magnets color mix is rocking off some chic vibes. Depending on your personality, it can fit any skin shade.
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