Thursday, August 5, 2021

5 Clear Signs That You Are Dating The Wrong Person

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Dating can be tricky. It can be fun as well as been exhausting but what is worse is when we end up dating the wrong person.
We all need to take a step back, look at the person you are dating, weigh the pros and the cons to see how compatible you two are or you could end up dating a wrong person.
Here are some tips to guide you:
1 They Care About Nothing Else But You: It may sound cute but hey that just he/she has zero passion in life. They have nothing they are gunning for /at.  It means they lack ambition.
2 They Try To Change: Relationship is about tolerance and acceptance, your partner is meant to understand your persons and make you be a better person but when he/she try changing one from what you are to another person. That is a danger sign especially when you already like yourself.
3 They Have Not Met Your Parents Yet: When your partner is not interested in meeting your parents or always giving excuses not to meet your parent. Your partner is meant to love everything about you and be interested in meeting your parent but if this sis not the sign then watch out, he might not be the one.

4 They Exhaust You: The feeling after talking to your partner is refreshing, its meant to be fun that will make you happy and sad to say goodbye but if they emotional drain or exhaust you then that is a sign that you should end it.
5 They Don’t Value You: When you are the last to know about changes in plan. You are made plans to meet up during the holiday and just like that he changes the plan and doesn’t inform you till the eve of the supposed date. Always too busy to even show concern and care, then you are on the wrong boat.

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