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Anambra Elections: 5 Candidates That Can Win Gubernatorial Poll

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The Anambra State Elections will take place on the 6th of November, and it is set to be either the freest and fairest gubernatorial election the country has witnessed or it is set to be the most militarized election, which to a large extent might just be one of the dirtiest elections ever witness in the country. But going by the body gesture of the federal government it seems heads bent on making sure the Anambra State elections, does take place. So the question for me is if it does take place who then is the favourite to emerge winner of this set to be been keenly contested gubernatorial elections. Anambra State Election candidates

Of the 18 candidates participating in this election, 5 have been benchmarked as the favourites to emerge the next Governor of Anambra State but widely believed to actually be a 3-horse race, between the APC candidate, Andy Uba, PDP Valentine Ozigbo and finally the incumbent ruling party’s candidate, Charles Soludo.
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While the YPP’s candidate, billionaire Ifeanyi Ubah is also considered a formidable contestant, along with another billionaire in the person of Godwin Maduka of the Accord Party, they are both not considered as front-runners in this election but are believed to have the strength to affect how the final results of the election turn out.

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Bear in mind that in the midst of all of the predictions and permutations, the State over the last few weeks has been bridled with pockets of violence in different parts of the state and the effect it might have on the general outlook of how things might turnout which includes the fear of people not wanting to go out to vote in fear of violence.

Also considering that the total population of citizens in the state is 11-million, but just 2 million are registered, voters. Without further ado, let’s get to the crust of the article which is the prediction of which of the following contestants seems better positioned to emerge as the next governor of Anambra state;

  1. Valentine Ozigbo, PDP:
    For some reason, the former Transcorp Hotels CEO and businessman seem to look like he has great precedence to his advantage and the support of his political Godfather the former Governor of the State and former Vice-presidential candidate of the PDP, Peter Obi. Also with the seeming recovery of the PDP and its most recent win in Edo State he just might tip his closest rival and win. But all of this doesn’t say he is guaranteed to win.
  2. Andy Uba, APC: 
    The former Senator, Andy Uba of the APC like it or not he has over the years become very popular amongst the youth and he seems to have a large following and that is a major advantage. But the downside to Andy finally laying his hands on the Anambra people’s mandate seems to be the party he is contesting from. But if going by anything that some of the youths and the talks in the streets Andy Uba seems to be the governor in waiting and this time he will be in power longer than his 17-days stint back in 2007. Andy Uba’s political career has been riddled with issues fake certificates and forgery, the issue now will be if he does emerge as the Governor won’t he lose his seat again on this grounds.
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  3. Charles Soludo, APGA:
    The former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr Soludo seems like the most formidable of the candidates contesting for this election and one least riddled with controversies. He is known to have the support of the incumbent governor Willie Obiano in the bid to retain APGA’s control on the only state they still have its mandate.
    Going with the belief that the November 6 election will be free and fair, Dr Charles Soludo is definitely the favourite to win. But it is the Nigerian politician terrain.
  4. Ifeanyi Ubah, YPP:
    Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is definitely one hell of a formidable candidate, this election is the 3rd time the billionaire businessman will be contesting for the governorship position in his state and has failed on the two previous tries. I boldly quote that he will also fail to get the mandate this time around but one thing that is for sure is that he will take a sizeable chunk of the votes and might end up having to strike a deal with one of the three other top candidates, something like what we saw in Osun State two-years ago.
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  5. Godwin Maduka, Accord Party:
    Also, Dr Godwin Maduka is another formidable opponent who seems to be in politics for genuinely altruistic reasons but I fear he isn’t fighting the good fight in the right party and that might just be the reason why he won’t win before expecting him to pull a significant chunk of the votes too.
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In my honest opinion, I believe that Andy Uba is the favourite to win the Anambra State elections, but might lose his mandate again through the caprices of the Supreme court.

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