5 American Celebrities That Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

Despite being celebrities whom many look up to, some have found a way to put themselves in bad light, getting caught up in illegal and downright sad/lame acts such as domestic violence. Here are 5 American celebrities that have been accused of domestic violence.


The veteran rapper is the latest celebrity to be accused of domestic violence following news of him assaulting his longtime girlfriend and babymama Emily Bustamante surfacing online a couple of days back. Fabolous reportedly knocked 2 of Emily’s tooth and even threatened her father and brother with a knife. The rapper and his lawyer were said to have turned themselves in after emily called the cops.

Chris Brown

This case remains atop the list of domestic violence cases amongst celebrities as it stirred up major hornets nests when it happened. Back in 2009, Chris Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna in their car after the pair were returning home from a party. Brown left Riri bruised and hospitalized. he was arrested and slammed with 5-years probation, domestic violence counseling, and a restraining order. Brown during a recent interview opened up about the knight saying he ‘felt like a monster.’

Johnny Depp

The actor was accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Amber Heard. According to Heard, Depp abused her all through their marriage which officially ended in 2017. Heard also revealed that Depp smashed an iphone into her face resulting in her getting bruised.

Joe Budden

Rapper Joe Budden was also accused of domestic violence after he assaulted his then-pregnant girlfriend. According to reports, Budden was arrested after he choked her then intentionally sat on her stomach. She lost the pregnancy shortly after.

Michael Fassbender

Actor Michael Fassbender was slammed with a restraining order after he assaulted his ex-girlfriend. According to reports, the pair had an argument about her an ex-boyfriend, which resulted in the Oscar-nominated actor dragging her alongside their vehicle. The young lady claimed she suffered knee and ankle injuries as well as an ovarian cyst burst due to the attack.
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