Tuesday, May 24, 2022

4 Sweet And Romantic Ways To Propose To Your Partner

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Asking a lady to marry you should be a romantic, mind blowing movement that will leave her in tears. Proposing to a lady means you are committing and taking the relationship to the next level. Before you propose you need to know if the lady is in the same page as you so as not to get a rejection.

Thinking of proposing to that special lady? Here are 4 tips you can try:
1 Movie Theatre: You can arrange with the management at the movie theatre, during a romantic movie , like an advert but it should show you saying just how beautiful she is and there and then proposing to her, that will catch her off-guard.

2 A Puzzle: For that lady who loves puzzle games or like intellectually challenging games, you can have a puzzle game or treasure hunt where the answer will lead to ” Will you marry you?”
3 A Flash Dance: Hiring dancers in a mall or a social gathering to dance to a love songs, that will not only surprise her but it will go viral
4 Romantic Trip: Trip may include beach, resort or places you usually go to , don’t go a new and very exotic (she might know you are up to something), as you move around and settle while she still enjoying the beauty of the place, propose to her and bam! she is yours.

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