Monday, November 29, 2021

3 Unique Ways Sex Adversely Affects Your Health

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Sex is dangerous that it can kill hence should be noted as a mandatory health warning.

Casual sex may not be as fun as many would think. Therefore, there is need to think twice when it comes to sexual matters. For instance, some women weep because of diseases that have deprived them of the joy of having babies; men in agonies of guilt as to how they can explain their infection to their new girlfriends and some married couples torn apart because of their actions in the past due to sexual outcomes.
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Here are some ways in which sex can damage your health:

Diseases: We have heard of a number of cases where people have been infected with diseases due to unprotected sex with people whose background is unknown to them. These diseases are such as gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS among others. They weaken the body, deprive women of the joy of having babies of their own due to ovarian cancer and mistrust among couples.

Consequences of contraception: This is the consumption or using contraceptives such as condoms, pills, intrauterine devices (IUDs) among others. Basically we believe that these contraceptives may protect us against disease and from conceiving. But sometimes they may not be total protectors from infection. Just because you have taken contraceptives doesn’t really mean you have to be sexually active since it may probably contribute to your negative health status.

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Mental consequences: How will you feel as an individual if you had a sexual act with someone and he or she dumps you? May be you loved that person honestly when to him or her, was nothing. This can result to mental illness. For example, sex contributes to guilt, low self-esteem, blow up a relationship apart among other mental consequences that come afterwards. Guilt after sex comes with sleeplessness, anxiety attacks, a feeling of being run down, trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, headaches that might result to meningitis and death. Some will go to an extent of committing suicide.

It is true that sex is powerful and dangerous to be accepted in a free-for-all manner. It certainly needs to be connected with love, in a relationship of trust and knowledge of what you have committed oneself to. Be wise at your choice and tread keenly in any love relationship to avoid health resultants of sex at any cost. Be safe.Photo Credit: Getty

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