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3 Reasons Why Mummy G.O’s Preachings Has Caught The Attention Of Many

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In recent weeks, Nigerians have been startled by prophecies and doctrines being propagated by a controversial pastor, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo popularly Known as Mummy G.O. Mummy G.O

Mummy G.O’s ministry, Rapture Proclaimer Evangelistic Church (RAPEC) became popular and controversial online in December 2021 when she began preaching about things that will make everyone go to hellfire. In one of her preachings, she revealed that she was an executive/super agent of the highest form of darkness with lucifer and had sold guns, pushed cocaine with fly-carpet not normal transport before she was arrested by christ.
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She mentioned that her beauty and figure 8 shape were taken away from her when she gave her life to Christ.

Mummy G.O, who started her ministry 24 years ago claimed she was born in Egypt where she joined the military but died during a war and was initiated afterwards.
From there, she claimed to have learnt how to speak fluently and other experiences as she stopped schooling in primary 4.

funmilayo adebayoAccording to her, God called her to preach to people of the world to focus on heaven but people hate her because she says secrets about things people don’t like to hear that will make them miss heaven.

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In one of her viral videos, she revealed how she automatically became a virgin after she prayed and gave her life to Christ, statements like this are the very reasons why Mummy G.O caught the attention of many and became a trending topic, and centre of discussion across many social media platforms, below are the reasons for that;

  1. Defiance Of Modern Beliefs/Scary:
    Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo isn’t the first of many priests, clergies to preach about hellfire, rapture and the end-time fervently but hers stands out because of the many societal the contemporary societal values that she earn marked as the gateway to hell. Her jarring sermons, and claims are second to none that borders both on absurd, fallacious and crazy scary if true at all. An example would be why is it wrong for a person to cut their hair skin-bald when some persons naturally go bald. These teachings are too scary to believe as true and kick against a lot of things considered as basic necessities of modern life. mummy go
  2. Too Scandalous To Be True
    The preachings of Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo are just too scandalous to be true, one such preaching, that caught attention was are sermon on “Indomie”, she claimed that Indomie is a food dedicated to idols. The question would be is it noodles as a whole that is a food dedicate to idols or just specifically Indomie as she did state.
    Just as much as her claim on football to be used as a platform for the anti-christ. Also is her claim on ATMs/Mastcards been tickets to hellfire, does that mean she doesn’t have one or she doesn’t own a bank account or a church account. These are all outrageous claims of someone who may be too lost in believing our own sentimental believes.
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  3. Embodiment Of The Older Generation:
    Mummy G.O is an embodiment of a lot of the older generation of Nigerian parents who make outrageous claims on some of the most basic things in claims to sway their children away from engaging in those activities. Mostly in light of ignorance.
    Only someone living on some age-long fallacies based on the imaginations of a particular person devoid of factual evidence like a lot of Nigerian parents does who fall between the age category of 40-70 year old would make such claims with so much audacity.
    Like they would say Micheal Jackson works for the devil, breakdance is a dancing style from the land of the dead. Whereas this very phenomenon has now been introduced at the Olympics as a sport. And this won’t be used by the devil for anti-christ rather it’s football that will be used. Mummy G.O needs to rest as the saying goes on Twitter.
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