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2Face And Annie: These Celebs Shouting Online Are Jobless (Opinion)

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Following the Annie Idibia and 2Face saga, a prominent thing worthy to note is that many Nigerian celebrities are jobless. It is not new that the players in the Nigerian entertainment world are not closely knitted as beefs and caucus is very very common and prominent, but I find it funny that you claim to respect someone, even from afar and then when something happens to them or their family, you will come online, take sides and start to spill trash.

One thing I kept looking out for amidst my sadness about the whole saga were reactions from the likes of RMD, who is a father figure in the entertainment industry and the others who have bonded and can pass as big brothers, big sisters and siblings to the couple but there was none – at least, not on social media. Of course, I trust and believe many of them would have reached out to the couple.2Face And Annie: These Celebs Shouting Online Are Jobless (OPINION)Celebrities who are friends of the family will not come online and bash any of the duo. They will rather call, come together to maybe visit and see how to help. Degrading Annie Idibia is much more like degrading 2Face himself, after all, whatever happens, they are family, chose to marry each other and they are one. You are slamming someone for coming on social media to wash her dirty linen and then you are taking to the same social media to shame her, what kind of ment or highness on what?
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In as much as one would agree that personal matters should be kept out of social media, especially for couples whose spouses or the two of them have made giant strides in their fields, it is saddening that the bashful noises that have followed will trivialise or compound whatever thing is felt on both side. Not only that but will encourage many other who are not in better positions to keep suffering in silence, after all they will be judged. For a fact, many people going through issues in life are judged in real life and on social media.2Face And Annie: These Celebs Shouting Online Are Jobless (OPINION)If they would report offline, the nation’s justice system is not standing well, the society is not helping with emotions-downgrading phenomena – both to men (e.g. men shouldn’t be vulnerable, shouldn’t show emotions, are weak and not manly when showing emotions) and women (especially with the overly oppressive submission and endurance teachings). What then is the fate when these ones are screaming at the top of their voices and most likely suffering in their own homes?
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2Face had himself apologised to his wife on social media and asked that his fans beg his wife on his behalf. In the early hours of a Monday 11th February, 2019, he acknowledged to have failed as a role model, husband and father. “I’m sorry to say that i have fucked up so much. i have fucked up as a role model as a father and as a husband. annie im sorry. i know u tried your best”, he wrote. Many social media users were speculating that the singer had gone in his ways again but none of these noisy, jobless celebrities said a word.2Face And Annie: These Celebs Shouting Online Are Jobless (OPINION) 2Face And Annie: These Celebs Shouting Online Are Jobless (OPINION)Why are they all of a sudden putting their mouths in this and shouting at the top of their voices? They say “don’t bring XYZ on social media”, yet they sell nakedness, heavy smoking and many other immoralities for the younger generations. For many of them who were not even dreaming of doing music yet at the time the legendary singer was in the peak of his career and in his prime putting their mouths in this is more disrespectful.
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Same way many of them came online, sharing pictures upon pictures of Sound Sultan (may his soul rest in perfect peace) when he passed with epistles and all the words in the encyclopedia only for the world to find out that they never reached out to the wife and family.

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2Face And Annie: These Celebs Shouting Online Are Jobless (OPINION)It is far better with non-celebrities because we do not have direct contact with these persons and a few of us that have sense rather pray for them in the stead of shouting and bashing in a situation that you do not even now how it played out in totality, and it’s not like a court is sitting on the case, dishing out evidences and facts). But those who most likely have met, can meet or have direct contacts with them, chose noise.
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If you feel the need to help or can help or want to help, their home or individually is where and how they need it, not on social media. The noise is too much abeg. If God should mark iniquity, who shall stand? If your spouses and/or exes come out to spill, shall you be found worthy of these shouts? Shall we declare healing and peace for this duo and we share the grace in fellowship, brethren???

2Face And Annie: These Celebs Shouting Online Are Jobless (OPINION)
2Face and Annie

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