“2020 Still Has More To Offer”, Kemi Adetiba Motivates Nigerians

Nollywood box office movies producer and director Kemi Adetiba has motivated Nigerians who seem to have lost hope in year 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Many people all over the world have written the year off already, giving up on their dreams and goals for the year, even AliBaba’s founder Jack Ma of Alibaba. According to the businessman, the year is just that of staying alive.AliBaba Writes Off 2020, Kemi Adetiba However Motivates Nigerians
Kemi Adetiba, however, thinks such submission is wrong as she believes the year still holds many good things when the pandemic is over. She noted that it is very natural to want to give up but then one constant thing in life and things will be good after the pandemic.
There is no pretending it is increasingly becoming harder and harder to remain positive in these peculiar times. It is very natural to want to simply throw your hands in the air and give permission for the year to throw you anywhere and anyhow it wills. I know it seems unfair to be forced in the position where you have to choose between Hunger or Health for both yourself and your family, but alas, here we are and there is no running from it 🤷🏽‍♀️ Blinking hard or “woe is me” laments will not make it disappear. But if this THING will not play fair, then neither will we."2020 Still Has More To Offer", Kemi Adetiba Motivates Nigerians
The only thing sure about LIFE is CHANGE. And as long as you have breath… There is always HOPE!!! No one would have predicted an invisible virus would come shut down the entire world for half the year. This is what you call “humbling!!” But as long as the world is still spinning, we have an obligation to keep pushing. Don’t put the pressure of needing to get things back on the same, exact track they were before the pandemic.
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There is nothing wrong with changing tracks, Shifting strategies or Re-engineering goals. Cos even though it feels like your hands have been tied for half the year… The is still another BIG half to look ‘forward’ to. And SO MUCH can happen in half a year…The last few months have proven this. When things open up, it will definitely be “survival of the fittest” and only the ones that spent THIS TIME warming up, prepping and evolving will gather the most nuts at the end. Everyday, I fight those dooming thoughts and INSIST there is MORE to 2020 (for me) than simply “STAYING ALIVE” and this is why, I will be one of the scurrying squirrels with FAT cheeks at the end. Will you? #SpeakIt #StayStrong #StayPositive #ItsNotOverYet #StayHomeStaySafe“, she wrote on IG.
Kemi Adetiba motivates Nigerians about 2020
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