2019 Elections: They Are Trying To Cheat The Igbos- Okorocha


The Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, has come out to alleged that there is a grand place to cheat the Igbos out of the National leadership. According to him; “The saying that there was no victor and no vanquished after the civil war is just a mere way to create unity for the country, otherwise the Igbo were the vanquished. Ever since the Igbo has fared like the defeated but the most painful aspect is that Ndigbo is about to lose again.”There is more to the noise you are hearing about the governorship election in Imo, it is not about Uche Nwosu, it is a plot to stop Okorocha by all means, otherwise, why will Adams Oshiomhole and Rotimi Amaechi be interested in who governs IMO. “The calculation is that if Uche Nwosu becomes governor and I go to Senate, I will be a strong force by 2023. The most annoying fact is that they are using our people to pursue that agenda.”I want to go to the Senate to remain politically relevant until 2023 and also to represent Ndigbo and the Nigerian masses.” He said that he is fighting for an Igbo presidency and that is why they are trying to silence him.   Photo Credit: Getty

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