2019 Elections: Meet Your Presidential Candidates (Part 2)

With the signing of the not to young to run bill, many have gotten the courage to come out and throw in their hat for the presidency, which left of with over 50 candidates for the 2019 elections. Here are the remaining presidential candidates.
26. Yusuf Yabaji – This engineer is one of the many aspirants ready to take the place of President Buhari and he is running under the banner of the Action Democratic Party (ADP)
27. Nsehe Nseobong – Like many of the presidential aspirants he is also the chairman and founder of the Restoration Party of Nigeria (RPN) and he flagged off his presidential campaign under the party’s banner.
28. John Wilson Gbor – This Military general is confident that he can win the war against insurgency as he flags off his presidential campaign under the  All Progresssive Grand Alliance (APGA)
29. Sunday Eguzolugo – ‘I will not disappoint’ the presidential candidate of the Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) has promised.
30. Chike Ukaegbu – This 35 year old aspirant is set to be the youngest black president that’s if he comes out victorious. He is running under the banner of the Advanced Allied Party (AAP)
31. Omoyele Sowore – soworeThe Human activist who has contantly been on the government’s neck trying to set them straight as taken matters into his own hands as he is also in the battle for the presidency under the Africa Action Congress (AAC)
32. Umenwa Godwin –  He has promised economic transformation and he is running under the banner of the All Grand Alliance Party (AGAP)
33. Ishola Balogun – He has come out to say he is a candidate of change and is ready to move the country to the next level. He is running under the  United Democratic Party (UDP)
34. Babatunde Ademola – “our party will reverse the ills of the nation” Nigeria Community Movement Party (NCMP) Presidential candidate has promised.
35. Ahmed Buhari – This IT expert has big dreams for this nation and it’s economy and he is running under the Sustainable National Party (SNP)
36. John Dara – The man who claims he is different from the vision-less leaders that Nigerians have is running under the banner of the Alliance of Social Democrats (ASD)
37. Kriz David – ‘It’s time to do away with vocational politicians’ Liberation Movement (LM) Presidential candidates has come to tell Nigerians that he is the answer.
38. Emmanuel Etim – This 38 year old aspirant is in the presidential race because of the not to young to run bill and also for his dream for the country. he is running under the Change Nigeria (CN)
39. Fela Durotoye – This business consultant and leadership expert is set to use is knowledge and experience for the betterment of Nigeria. he is running under the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)
40. Angela Johnson – ‘The Nigerian economy will go global under my watch’ Alliance for a United Nigeria (AUN) has promised.
41. Geff Ojinika –   He is also the chairman of the Coalition For Change (CFC) and has promised to cause the collapse of the PDP and APC.
42. Robinson Akpua – He has promised youth empowerment just as almost every presidential aspirant and he is running under the banner of National Democratic Liberty Party (NDLP)
43. Victor Okhai – This Veteran film maker is taken up a new challenge which is taking Nigeria to greater heights. He is running under the Providence Peoples Congress (PPC).
other presidential candidates are..
Mark Emmanuel of the United Patriots (UP)
Moses Ajibiowu of the National Unity Party (NUP)
Nwokeafor Ikechukwu of the Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD)
Aliyu Ibrahim of the African People Alliance (APA)
Ilongwo John of the Democratic Peoples Party (DPP)
Rabia Hassan of the National Action Council (NAC)
Nnamdi Madu of the Independent Democrats (ID)
Usman Muhammed of the Labour Party (LP)
Chukwudi Osuala of the Rebuild Nigeria Party (RNP)
Usman Ibrahim of the National Rescue Movement (NRM)
Lewis Abah of the Change Advocacy Party (CAP)
Isah Bashayi of the Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN)
Habib Mohammed of the United Democratic Party (UDP)
John Onwubuya of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)
Yusuf Dantale of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM)
Ahmed Inuwaof the  United Party of Nigeria (UPN) Photo Credit: Getty


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