11 Common Hair Mistake You’re Probably Making

A woman’s hair is one of the things that always attracts people to her. The perfect hair always completes the perfect makeover. There are a lot of mistakes ladies make that damage the hair and cause them to run helter-skelter.hairHere 7 common mistakes ladies and even guys make that should be avoided;
Brushing Your Hair For Shine
Anything more than that a few strokes are unnecessary friction, which can lead to breakage.
Shampooing Daily
Doing this every day can damage the hair as moisture should be regulated.
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Combing Wet Hair From Roots To Ends
Combing wet hair from the root to the ends can cause issues for the hair. Especially fragile hair. Doing this can cut the hair and even cause headaches.
Ignoring Your Scalp
Yes caring for your hair is good, but while doing this most people ignore the scalp. Always ensure to massage the scalp while applying cream or oil.
Avoiding Hair Spray
Hair spray contains a polymer that actually locks out humidity. Use just enough to hold your style. Stop avoiding hair spray.
Applying Too Much Condition
Every time you wash your hair, you should nourish your locks with a conditioner. However, one common mistake is to apply it just like the shampoo. The conditioner is just meant for the hair ends. Applying on the scalp area will make hair more greasy.
Tying Your Wet Hair
Never tie your wet hair. This cuts the hair, and also makes it difficult to comb.Photo Credit: Getty

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